Montag, 27. August 2012

recent make up gets

Hi sweeties <3

So recently I got some new make up as old stuff was running out or I just wanted to try new thngs that have been released recently.


Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow
It comes in just one shade 010 One shade fits all and it really does fit everyone. It feels more like a lipbalm and changes it's color when you apply it. It simply enhances your own lipcolor which I really love! My boyfriend hates liptints, lipsticks, lipglosses and anything else that he can actually feel when kissing me but! he accepted this one. So now I can wear some color on my lips and kiss him anyways. I think it feels great, gives a decent color and my lips feel really hydrated. I got it for 4,99€ at DM which my appear a bit pricy but I think it'S worth it.


NYX Concealer in a jar 02 Fair
I've been looking for a good concealer for some time and them found this one. It's rather cheap (6,95€ at Douglas) and does really do a good job. It does come in a jar as the name implies and I use a small concealerbrush to apply it. I simply love it!

Contouring powderset from ebay
As with the concealer I've been looking for a decent contouring set with a white powder that does not shimmer and finally I found one! It was only 3,25$ and the shipping was free. It does not completely cover your skin or stain. So if you want to go really white you'll need to use something else but it does really give you nice contours. I use it almost everyday and will definitely buy it again! Click here to see the seller's store!

Perfumes: Well these do not really fit the subject of this post but as I got two new ones I thought I might as well write about them right now!

Vivienne Westwood Let it rock!
I really like this one! It reminds me a lot of the perfumes my mom used to use when I was small. It's just a really oldschool fragrance that may not be perfect for everyone but I like it for going shopping or going out as it is strong enough to withstand smoke and repeated clothchanging.

Talor Swift Wonderstruck Rollerball
I got this one from DM during a promotion. Otherwise I would never ever in my life even have tried it at all. But surprisingly I really love the fragrance and application. As the name says it's a rollon, so you don't spray it all over your room but can apply it right where you want it to be.
Top notes: appleblossom, freesia, raspberry
Middle notes: vanilla, honeysuckle, hibiscus
Base notes: amber, musk, peach, sandalwood

These my current gets. I hope that some of you will try the lip glow too as this is definitely my favourite out of all of these products.

Love, M.

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