Freitag, 31. August 2012

Day 4

Your Parents

Hi sweeties<3

Here we are again! Today's topic are my parents!
Well I never planned talking about my family but well let'S get started!

My Mom and Dad are both in their fourties and work at Leiner and Kika. My dad is planning and selling kitchens and dinningrooms and my mom does pretty much the same with lightingsystems. They got to know each other at a dancingcourse. Me and my younger sister are their only children. Thanks to god!
My mom tends to get a bit loud when she wants to make something clear and we quarrel a lot. Like a big huge lot. But anyways she's still my mom and I love her.
I've always got along better with my dad. He's very into antique stuff. Whether it's roman or egyptian doesn't really matter. We do quarrel too but not that often.

One thing we all got in common is our love for medieval fashion and festivals.
Me and my Dad love to cook and experiment a lot and we also grow our own vegetables. Well he grows them and I eat them :DD

When I got into this whole J-Fashion thing my parents were just wondering if I was going crazy but over the time (it took me several years!) they accepted it and now my mom at least also helps me with deciding on outfit when I'm not sure if a special accessoire goes with the rest and stuff.

Well I guess there's not much more to say. I sometimes really hate them, but in the end you know... parents are parents and most of us just have that one pair so you love them anyways just as they love you anways cause you are their children!

Love, M.

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