Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Photopost Maconvention 2012

Credits for almost all of the pictures go to my best friend Chris!
All of those that were not taken by her were taken with her cam as she is on them as well!

I really loved my outfit! It will be the base for one of my cosplays for this years aninite!

This is the lovely Miss Trouillefou and me <3

These pics are from Anli Pollicino's live!

Saturday aka the fashionshow

Duplica from Royalpinkgoth

The lovely Daga. She is my favourite austrian lolita and one of my biggest inspirations.

Lisa from Lolita Goes Bad

Left in the background is the head of Ohlala Couture and designer of our dresses and in the front you can see Nana, vocalist from Lolita Komplex.

And here's another shot of all the outfits Mimi designed plus Jasmin on the right.

Maconvention 2012 | New Gets | First try on Hime Gyaru

Hi sweeties <3

So last weekend my convention season finally began! On friday I met my best friend and we went to the Maconvention in Leonding together. The entrance fee was incredibly high this year as well as last year, but as Anli Pollicino were having a live there we went there anyways. Well the gig was pretty awesome and they even did an autograph session. All in all we had very much fun on friday!
On saturday I had to get up really early and fix my hair as I was taking part in a Lolita fashionshow by the label Ohlala Couture. The dresses were inspired by the rorschach tests and looked sooooo amazing! I especially loved the collar that I wore. Here's a pic ofall t he models in the dresses <3

Unfortunately I haven't got a single pic from friday until now but my best friend took some so I will update this post as soon as I've got the pics ;D

First I wanna talk about new make up I got.
On monday I finally got my new bottle of skin79 gold BBCream. I'm so freakingly happy I got it again as I think this is the absolutely best for my skin. Last week I went a bit shopping with my mom and got a white liquid eyeliner from the current LE from alverde (Liquid eyeliner 10 glamour ivory) and a new light brown eyebrowpencil by catrice (Eye Brow Stylist 010 Blond But Brow'd). I love them both!
Oh and as a thankyou for the fashionshow we all got a lipgloss and a nailpolish by catrice. (Colour Show Coulour & Stay Lip Gloss 030 Pink Me Up and the Ultimate NailLacquer 840 Genius In The Bottle)

Swatches from left to right: eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipgloss

Some time ago I recorded my first nailart tutorial and realised how bad the quality of my old camcorder is compared to recent products. So I decided to sell my old one and get a new minicamcorder. Yesterday I ordered the Kodak Zi10 and some further stuff for recording (SDHC card, lapel microphone and a matching windscreen) I'm really excited to test it and upload many new videos.

And while going home today me and my mom stopped by at C&A and I got this shirt and a new hat. (Didn't have time to take a proper pic of the hat yet :/)

Now on to the last part of today's entry which is kinda a part of the second part as well... too many parts in here @.@
On sunday me and my boyfriend met a good friend and played billard and had a nice dinner at the Saloon in Vienna but before that we met a vienniese Gyaru that sold me one of her Liz Lisa dresses! I'm so in love with this dress! I never imagined that I would like the Hime style on me, but with this dress *w* It's just perfect. Today I tried to assemble a real hime outfit. Well I'm not really sure about it but please let me know what you think about it! (Oh by the way I didn't wear too much make up as I was just going out with my mom and she doesn't like that heavy make. So more pics with make up are coming soon!)

I still need to work on the wig though.
Well I guess that's it for today! I'll update this post within a week so don't forget to check it out once all the pics are here <3

Tomorrow I'll be shopping at Parndorf so maybe there's gonna be a new post soon.
Love, M.

EDIT: As there are so many pics I have posted them in an extra post that contains only pictures! Click me!

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Work, celebrations and recent shopping

Hi sweeties <3

So last week my best friend had her 21st birthday! Congrats again cutie <3 She didn't want a big party so I thought it would be nice to meet and go out to eat something. We met at the Bubble Tea shop that I'm working at (it was a really busy day D:) and everyone got a Bubble Tea and I just kept on working (OMG it was so busyyyyy). We all gave her our presents and she chatted a bit with all of our friends. Natsu came from Piberbach, my boyfriend came from Vienna, my Sis, my best friend and her boyfriend where there. After I finally finished my work we went to a nearby chinese restaurant and had some decent food.
We were talking a lot because we haven't really seen each other for quite some time and afterwards we went to our favourite bar/cafe. Well we didn't stay too long as my best friend wasn't feeling all too well.
Natsu slept at my place and we went shopping in the morning.
And as I told you in my last post I've been shopping with my boyfriend in vienna too so here are the things I got.

I got these lovely wedges at Saito. They always sell amazing heels that are really comfy and really cheap!

Don't know why this pic just won't turn :/ anyways I got the shirt and jeans at Bershka. The jeans are a very light pink and I love them!

Here's my outfit and Make from friday. I tried to do a bit more decent gal make up cause I had to work but as I was kinda stressed it didn't really turn out so well.

And last but not least a little bonus ;D This is my sister with our giant Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea Earth.

Well that's it for today! I hope you enjoy the summer too <3

Love, M.

CRO & Mac Miller live in Vienna

Hi sweeties <3

So today there are a few smaller posts about my last week coming up starting with a short one about the BEEASY festival in Vienna last week!

My boyfriend and I had our first anniversary on May 1st and as a present I promised him to invite him to a concert of his choice. When we heard that CRO and Mac Miller were comming to Vienna for an Open Air gig we just had to get the tickets.
Apart from CRO and Mac Miller there were some other artists performing too but as my Boyfriend and I went shopping just before the festival we missed most of them. At the venue we met some friends of my boyfriend and after about half an hour CRO's gig started.
If I had to sum it up in one word I guess it would be powerful! It was absolutely amazing. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics and we all had a really good time there. Though it was extremely hot everybody was dancing and jumping and just enjoying the music.
When CRO started to perform "Blank" which is based on "I need a dollar" from Aloe Blacc everyone was singing along and suddenly the music stopped and he told us to shout for Aloe... So we did and he came running onto the stage! So they performed "Blank together and really rocked the stage. It was just incredible.

Well my Boyfriend took one really amazing pic but he just won't share it with me (this goes out to you baby: :b) so here are the pics from the event I found online:


(source: CRO official FBpage)

And this one is my current favourite song!

Mac Miller was also really amazing, but thinking about it now CRO was really a lot better. But when he was performing "Donald Trump" everyone was again singing along and dancing. It was a great evening shared with great people and I'm really looking forward to seeing CRO live again in Vienna this autumn!

So this is it for this post, but there's more coming soon!

Love, M.