Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

CRO & Mac Miller live in Vienna

Hi sweeties <3

So today there are a few smaller posts about my last week coming up starting with a short one about the BEEASY festival in Vienna last week!

My boyfriend and I had our first anniversary on May 1st and as a present I promised him to invite him to a concert of his choice. When we heard that CRO and Mac Miller were comming to Vienna for an Open Air gig we just had to get the tickets.
Apart from CRO and Mac Miller there were some other artists performing too but as my Boyfriend and I went shopping just before the festival we missed most of them. At the venue we met some friends of my boyfriend and after about half an hour CRO's gig started.
If I had to sum it up in one word I guess it would be powerful! It was absolutely amazing. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics and we all had a really good time there. Though it was extremely hot everybody was dancing and jumping and just enjoying the music.
When CRO started to perform "Blank" which is based on "I need a dollar" from Aloe Blacc everyone was singing along and suddenly the music stopped and he told us to shout for Aloe... So we did and he came running onto the stage! So they performed "Blank together and really rocked the stage. It was just incredible.

Well my Boyfriend took one really amazing pic but he just won't share it with me (this goes out to you baby: :b) so here are the pics from the event I found online:

(source: Kurier.at)

(source: CRO official FBpage)

And this one is my current favourite song!

Mac Miller was also really amazing, but thinking about it now CRO was really a lot better. But when he was performing "Donald Trump" everyone was again singing along and dancing. It was a great evening shared with great people and I'm really looking forward to seeing CRO live again in Vienna this autumn!

So this is it for this post, but there's more coming soon!

Love, M.

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