Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Work, celebrations and recent shopping

Hi sweeties <3

So last week my best friend had her 21st birthday! Congrats again cutie <3 She didn't want a big party so I thought it would be nice to meet and go out to eat something. We met at the Bubble Tea shop that I'm working at (it was a really busy day D:) and everyone got a Bubble Tea and I just kept on working (OMG it was so busyyyyy). We all gave her our presents and she chatted a bit with all of our friends. Natsu came from Piberbach, my boyfriend came from Vienna, my Sis, my best friend and her boyfriend where there. After I finally finished my work we went to a nearby chinese restaurant and had some decent food.
We were talking a lot because we haven't really seen each other for quite some time and afterwards we went to our favourite bar/cafe. Well we didn't stay too long as my best friend wasn't feeling all too well.
Natsu slept at my place and we went shopping in the morning.
And as I told you in my last post I've been shopping with my boyfriend in vienna too so here are the things I got.

I got these lovely wedges at Saito. They always sell amazing heels that are really comfy and really cheap!

Don't know why this pic just won't turn :/ anyways I got the shirt and jeans at Bershka. The jeans are a very light pink and I love them!

Here's my outfit and Make from friday. I tried to do a bit more decent gal make up cause I had to work but as I was kinda stressed it didn't really turn out so well.

And last but not least a little bonus ;D This is my sister with our giant Bubble Tea from Bubble Tea Earth.

Well that's it for today! I hope you enjoy the summer too <3

Love, M.

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