Freitag, 31. August 2012

Day 4

Your Parents

Hi sweeties<3

Here we are again! Today's topic are my parents!
Well I never planned talking about my family but well let'S get started!

My Mom and Dad are both in their fourties and work at Leiner and Kika. My dad is planning and selling kitchens and dinningrooms and my mom does pretty much the same with lightingsystems. They got to know each other at a dancingcourse. Me and my younger sister are their only children. Thanks to god!
My mom tends to get a bit loud when she wants to make something clear and we quarrel a lot. Like a big huge lot. But anyways she's still my mom and I love her.
I've always got along better with my dad. He's very into antique stuff. Whether it's roman or egyptian doesn't really matter. We do quarrel too but not that often.

One thing we all got in common is our love for medieval fashion and festivals.
Me and my Dad love to cook and experiment a lot and we also grow our own vegetables. Well he grows them and I eat them :DD

When I got into this whole J-Fashion thing my parents were just wondering if I was going crazy but over the time (it took me several years!) they accepted it and now my mom at least also helps me with deciding on outfit when I'm not sure if a special accessoire goes with the rest and stuff.

Well I guess there's not much more to say. I sometimes really hate them, but in the end you know... parents are parents and most of us just have that one pair so you love them anyways just as they love you anways cause you are their children!

Love, M.

Day 3

Your first love

Hi sweeties<3

Honestly I just forgot to blog yesterday. In the morning I made some homemade pizzasauce because we had like 1,5 kg of tomatoes from our balcony/garden and nobody would eat them. I also made some mango-pear jam and a nectarinepie. I also had to get our flat in proper shape again as my parents were coming home from berlin. Anyways around 15 o'clock I had my second driving lesson! It was really fun again but I prefer my first teacher. He's just way more fun.

So now on to "todays" main part.
I'm not quite sure about this. For me love is something more serious and past loves are things I prefer not talking about. So I'll just stick with the childish way of love.

So my very first love was Mamoru-kun from Sailor Moon. Back then I wasn't intersted in boys at all but Mamoru immediately catched my eye xD I didn't like Tuxedomask though.
I always dreamt about how wonderful life would be with a man like him. Well I was like 7 or 8 back then.
But thinking about it now... my boyfriend is quite like Mamoru... always teasing me, but still caring. And he's always there for me when I need him dearest.

Well I guess there's not much more to say about that so that's it for now and I'll post Day 4 in a few minutes!

See you later <3

Love, M.

Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Day 2 + a quick update

Meaning behind your blog name

Hi sweeties<3

So I guess today is the hardest of all thirty days. The meaning of my blogname... well honestly there is no real meaning behind it. When I started using tumblr a few years ago I had to find a unique name and as I was madly into lolita at that time and me and one of my best friends where always making senseless japes about fairtrade bananas I just chose bananalolita. I got used to the name and really learned to love it. I think it fits my personality quite well. It's a bit weird but still cute. As I got into Gyaru more and more I thought about changing the name into something more suitable, but honestly I hate it when I follow a blog and they suddenly change their name, so I stuck with it and I'm happy about it.
What do you think about my blogname?

Tuesday I went to vienna again and my boyfriend and me met a friend at ikea. We bought a larger bed for his room, a large mirror and an awesome led-lamp (called dioder). It took us like four hours to shorten the cupboard in my boyfriends room so the bed would fint into the room and to build the bed and everything else. We installed the lamp at the lower side of the window bench so it can be used as reading light in the bed. I really love it because it features a remote with which you can change the color of the light. It's my favourite toy at the moment. The mirror is still just leaning against a wall as we're not sure where to put it.

Well that's it for today! Stay tuned for Day 3!

Love, M.

Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Day 1

Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting fact

Hi sweeties <3

Today is Day 1 of my 30 day blogging challenge, so let's get started!

My first name is Stephanie but I prefer being called Steffi. Most of my friends call me Miko. This is not a randomly chosen nickname, but the name of the first character I ever cosplayed.
I've been to school until the summer of '08 when I did my A-levels. I started to study chemistry right afterwards and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately it seems like I'm not really made for chemistry and it was harder to get motivation to go the courses every day. In the end I really hated it so I stopped. Right now I'm working at a local store to get some money and training for my application as a policewoman. Initially I wanted to study chemistry and afterwards work as a policewoman with my BSc but sometimes things just don't work the way you wished for.
I'm really into fashion, no matter if it's lolita, gyaru or just simple streetfashion I love looking for things that are special.
I love reading and currently my favourite books are the A song of ice and fire books by George R. R. Martin.

This is like the most recent picture of me which has been taken last sunday at the Aninite.

Now on to the 15 interesting facts... well I hope there are enough :DD
1) I've been dying my hair since I've been 11, so I'm not quite sure what my natural haircolor actually would look like on me.
2) The first Manga I've ever read was Inuyasha and it's still one of my favourites.
3) I hate buying brand clothing.
4) I currently own 4 wigs and plan on stocking up.
5) I bought human-hair extensions in spring and dyed them black so now I cant wear them anymore :/
6) In all of my lolita closet there are only two real brand things that I got cheap as they had minor flaws that I could repair myself.
7) I'm officially an atheist, but actually closer to shintobuddhism, which is not an official religion in Austria.
8) I love cooking and baking. I love to try new recipes but my favourites are the simple things that I just throw together when I'm at home alone. Currently it's gnocchi with arrabiata sugo gratined with cheese.
9) My current favourite TV series are: HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory, Eureka and Supernatural.
10) I used to be a huge fan of J-Rock. Somehow all of my favourite artists just started making shitty music or splitted up.
11) I've been a lolita for several years but my first meetup was only two years ago.
12) My left foot is half a size larger than my right one (I guess that's not really intersteing butI found it quite amuseing when I found out.)
13) I'm currently 22 years old and still have to share a room with my younger sister.
14) I've been a girlscout for about 12 years and still miss the time.
15) If I could choose any place in the world where I could live I'd definitely choose Vancouver.

So this was Day 1! See you tomorrow for Day 2 <3

Love, M.

Montag, 27. August 2012

Aninite 2012 first thoughts and pics

Hi sweeties <3

So the Nite is just over and it was a really busy weekend but I guess everybody had a lot of fun there. At least I did :D
Friday and sunday I just wore gyaru and on saturday I was part of a group cosplay. We were the four seasons. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of friday and saturday yet so all I can show you is a pic of my second try on Himegyaru!

Apart from my wig and eyemake (I don't know why but somehow it just didn't work that day)I really liked it a lot.

Well me and my boyfriend have been working at the bring and buy shop that the aninite features every year. Everyone can bring their stuff and we sell it for them. I got some really cheap manga I've been looking for for some time and my absolute favourite merchandise I ever had. A sailor moon card game! It's like new and really lovely! I can't wait to use it :D

I spent a lot of time with my friends and met some new ones too! I had a really great weekend and I'm really sad that it went by so fast again. Sometime soon I'll be posting another post that will contain all of the pics and a short video too.

I hope all of you had a great weekend too. I want to blog more frequently within the next weeks and maybe do one or two tutorials too so don't miss it ;D

Love, M.

recent make up gets

Hi sweeties <3

So recently I got some new make up as old stuff was running out or I just wanted to try new thngs that have been released recently.


Catrice Ultimate Lip Glow
It comes in just one shade 010 One shade fits all and it really does fit everyone. It feels more like a lipbalm and changes it's color when you apply it. It simply enhances your own lipcolor which I really love! My boyfriend hates liptints, lipsticks, lipglosses and anything else that he can actually feel when kissing me but! he accepted this one. So now I can wear some color on my lips and kiss him anyways. I think it feels great, gives a decent color and my lips feel really hydrated. I got it for 4,99€ at DM which my appear a bit pricy but I think it'S worth it.


NYX Concealer in a jar 02 Fair
I've been looking for a good concealer for some time and them found this one. It's rather cheap (6,95€ at Douglas) and does really do a good job. It does come in a jar as the name implies and I use a small concealerbrush to apply it. I simply love it!

Contouring powderset from ebay
As with the concealer I've been looking for a decent contouring set with a white powder that does not shimmer and finally I found one! It was only 3,25$ and the shipping was free. It does not completely cover your skin or stain. So if you want to go really white you'll need to use something else but it does really give you nice contours. I use it almost everyday and will definitely buy it again! Click here to see the seller's store!

Perfumes: Well these do not really fit the subject of this post but as I got two new ones I thought I might as well write about them right now!

Vivienne Westwood Let it rock!
I really like this one! It reminds me a lot of the perfumes my mom used to use when I was small. It's just a really oldschool fragrance that may not be perfect for everyone but I like it for going shopping or going out as it is strong enough to withstand smoke and repeated clothchanging.

Talor Swift Wonderstruck Rollerball
I got this one from DM during a promotion. Otherwise I would never ever in my life even have tried it at all. But surprisingly I really love the fragrance and application. As the name says it's a rollon, so you don't spray it all over your room but can apply it right where you want it to be.
Top notes: appleblossom, freesia, raspberry
Middle notes: vanilla, honeysuckle, hibiscus
Base notes: amber, musk, peach, sandalwood

These my current gets. I hope that some of you will try the lip glow too as this is definitely my favourite out of all of these products.

Love, M.

Lisbon Photodiary (Part 2)

Hi sweeties <3

I'm sorry for taking so long to post the second part but the last week was really busy again as the biggest convention took place on the weekend and I had to finish my sisters and my cosplay and get everything together for my other outfits. So here's the rest of my holiday photodiary. I'll start with tuesday when we went to the big aquarium and then go on with wednesday when we went to the westmost point of europe. Around lunchtime we stopped at the palacio nacional de queluz. It was amazing but as I said it was lunch time and freakishly hot!

This is me with my new lovely plushwhale waliu. I immediately fell in in love with him.

This is my absolute favourite pic of my honey! We've been talking about something and suddenly he said: "Look over there!" And I was just like: "There's just the ocean." But he said: "No over there! Don't you see?... America!" He's so incredibly cute sometimes!

All we did on thursday was shopping and chilling. We really enjoyed our stay there and I would really like to there again someday.

Next up are a make up exclusive shopping post and a short post about the Aninite as I'm still waiting for most of the pictures.

Love, M.

Freitag, 17. August 2012

Lisbon Photodiary (Part 1)

Hi sweeties <3

On the 4th of August me and my boyfriend startes our trip to lisbon. The flight was quite okay and we found our hotel really quick. In the evening we spent like over an hour to find a Mc Donalds... and realized the next day that there was one really close to our hotel too... :DDD well anyways on sunday my uncle and his wife joined us, but before we met them we spent a little time outside so here are the first pics!

In the late afternoon we had sardinhas assadas which were extremely delicous! I really love eating fish so I ordered fish almost everytime we went out to eat :D

Now on to the pics of monday :D

This cake was super delicious!

This is it for today... Again I'm in a bit of a hurry so I will try to upload the rest tomorrow!
Have a nice day sweeties <3

Love, M.

Finally back

Hi Sweeties <3

I'm so sorry for not blogging for such a long time. I wanted to blog everyday while I've been in lisbon but the Wifi was so bad that I couldn't even upload one picture wihtout taking several hours D: So I thought well I'll just do it as soon as I come home... Well we arrived at Vienna last friday evening and since that I had no time to blog. We met some friends on friday and went to a kind agothic club in Vienna on saturday. Sunday was my birthday so no blogging again. We went to have lunch with some friends at a great italian restaurant called "Eatalian". I spent all of monday on writing new jobapplications and cleaning my room. On tuesday my mom, my sister and me went shopping together. Groceries before lunchtime and then we went to the Haidcenter and got my dad's new ipad. We also went to ikea, where I got some plain unbleached cottonfabric. In the evening I went to vienna as wednesday was a holiday I thought I could spend the day with my boyfriend. Well on wednesday we spent almost the whole day on watching movies, so we had a really lazy day at home. And then yesterday my sister and me went to our local fabric store and I got some beautiful green fabric and some lace and stuff I also needed. I spent the whole day sewing a new dress.

Few of you might know that I'm absolutely in love with medieval clothing and medieval markets and stuff. I just love hte athmosphere and how the people behave. I haven't been able to go to a market or festival for like three or four years and now finally there's one in my hometown! I was really excited when I heard about it and decided to finally get a dress. As I didn't really like the dresses that you can buy in those larp shops I decided to do my own and here's the result! I also made a cloak of light grey wool. It's still lacking some lining and I'm not sure whether I should add a hood or some fur on the neckline :/ For now I'll just leave it this way.

The next posts will be a short photodiary of my trip to lisbon and then in the end there will be another shopping post including a short review on my new contouringpowder and a lovely lipstick I got on tuesday, so stay tuned!

Love, M.