Montag, 27. August 2012

Lisbon Photodiary (Part 2)

Hi sweeties <3

I'm sorry for taking so long to post the second part but the last week was really busy again as the biggest convention took place on the weekend and I had to finish my sisters and my cosplay and get everything together for my other outfits. So here's the rest of my holiday photodiary. I'll start with tuesday when we went to the big aquarium and then go on with wednesday when we went to the westmost point of europe. Around lunchtime we stopped at the palacio nacional de queluz. It was amazing but as I said it was lunch time and freakishly hot!

This is me with my new lovely plushwhale waliu. I immediately fell in in love with him.

This is my absolute favourite pic of my honey! We've been talking about something and suddenly he said: "Look over there!" And I was just like: "There's just the ocean." But he said: "No over there! Don't you see?... America!" He's so incredibly cute sometimes!

All we did on thursday was shopping and chilling. We really enjoyed our stay there and I would really like to there again someday.

Next up are a make up exclusive shopping post and a short post about the Aninite as I'm still waiting for most of the pictures.

Love, M.

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