Freitag, 17. August 2012

Finally back

Hi Sweeties <3

I'm so sorry for not blogging for such a long time. I wanted to blog everyday while I've been in lisbon but the Wifi was so bad that I couldn't even upload one picture wihtout taking several hours D: So I thought well I'll just do it as soon as I come home... Well we arrived at Vienna last friday evening and since that I had no time to blog. We met some friends on friday and went to a kind agothic club in Vienna on saturday. Sunday was my birthday so no blogging again. We went to have lunch with some friends at a great italian restaurant called "Eatalian". I spent all of monday on writing new jobapplications and cleaning my room. On tuesday my mom, my sister and me went shopping together. Groceries before lunchtime and then we went to the Haidcenter and got my dad's new ipad. We also went to ikea, where I got some plain unbleached cottonfabric. In the evening I went to vienna as wednesday was a holiday I thought I could spend the day with my boyfriend. Well on wednesday we spent almost the whole day on watching movies, so we had a really lazy day at home. And then yesterday my sister and me went to our local fabric store and I got some beautiful green fabric and some lace and stuff I also needed. I spent the whole day sewing a new dress.

Few of you might know that I'm absolutely in love with medieval clothing and medieval markets and stuff. I just love hte athmosphere and how the people behave. I haven't been able to go to a market or festival for like three or four years and now finally there's one in my hometown! I was really excited when I heard about it and decided to finally get a dress. As I didn't really like the dresses that you can buy in those larp shops I decided to do my own and here's the result! I also made a cloak of light grey wool. It's still lacking some lining and I'm not sure whether I should add a hood or some fur on the neckline :/ For now I'll just leave it this way.

The next posts will be a short photodiary of my trip to lisbon and then in the end there will be another shopping post including a short review on my new contouringpowder and a lovely lipstick I got on tuesday, so stay tuned!

Love, M.

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