Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Photopost Maconvention 2012

Credits for almost all of the pictures go to my best friend Chris!
All of those that were not taken by her were taken with her cam as she is on them as well!

I really loved my outfit! It will be the base for one of my cosplays for this years aninite!

This is the lovely Miss Trouillefou and me <3

These pics are from Anli Pollicino's live!

Saturday aka the fashionshow

Duplica from Royalpinkgoth

The lovely Daga. She is my favourite austrian lolita and one of my biggest inspirations.

Lisa from Lolita Goes Bad

Left in the background is the head of Ohlala Couture and designer of our dresses and in the front you can see Nana, vocalist from Lolita Komplex.

And here's another shot of all the outfits Mimi designed plus Jasmin on the right.


  1. Dein Outfit ist SO toll <3 und ich nehme an, dass ist eine wig von Lockshopwigs :) sieht wirklich sehr natürlich aus!
    Tolles outfit *__*

  2. Awh danke :3 du machst mir immer die liebsten Komplimente *-* ja das ist die mermaid in beachy! Ich liebe dir total! So vielseitig und natürlich :D bin grad am grübeln ob ich mir die in grau auch kaufen soll :D