Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

Lolita Meet up in Linz (Pic heavy)

Hi sweeties <3

So two days ago there was another Lolita Meet up in Linz. Eight girls attended it and even one boy joined us. We went to the Pöstlingberg and there visited the Grottenbahn which is a quite popular destination for sunday trips for families with small children. Everything is very old there and has been restaurated a few years ago. Here are some impressions:
This is a miniature model of the historical town square. It's so lovely!
And then there were scenes from some famous fairytales. I guess you all know from which fairytales these are taken.

After looking at all the lovely scenes we took loads of pics together. Here are those I liked best:
Afterwards we all had something to drink at a nearby restaurant and chatted a while and afterwards took even more pics outside. So here are some more pics!
As you can see we had lots of fun fooling around!
This is unfortunately the only single shot taken from Lisa, but I think she looked georgeous!
This is my (sometimes) lovely younger sister.
And here's a group pic we also took outside right before going back to the city!

And last but not least some pics of my outfit!
My current nails <3
I got this dress only on thursday and I love it so much! I'm totally into Sailor stuff and I've been extremely happy when I saw a friend of mine selling it.

So this is it for today. I hope you enjoyed the pics! Next week I think I will finally do some gyaru related post again. Have a great week and enjoy the rest of may!

Love, M.

Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012


Hi sweeties <3

Wow, it's only one week since I made up my new plan and yet I can't hold on to it. Well yesterday was a really busy day. I got up very early and went shopping with my mom. We bought lots of yummy food for this week! I got a new special edition joghurt from nöm mix. It's tomato and strawberry flavor! It sounded really queer, but it really tastes awesome!!!
Afterwards we went to Müller to pick up some new haircolor for me and my mom and then we went to Eferding or somewhere close to Eferding (I honestly don't know where the hell we went xD) and got superfresh asparagus for yesterday's dinner.
On our way home we stopped at my best friends house and I finally gave her the watch I got as a present for her around easter.
Well home again we immediately started bleaching my hair. We used a simple and very cheap blond form the drugstore and I gotta say I loved it! my hair doesn't feel like it's been bleached at all! It was the Poly Palette Natural Colors in 10 Extra Light Pearlblond.
So here's the result after bleaching all of my hair:

I think this is an awesome result if you consider that I had dyed part of my hair black for like the last three years :D While I had the bleach on my hair I dyed my mom's hair. She got her hair dyed red last month and dad really got mad like hell! He hated the color and didn't talk to my mom for about two days... So this time we took a really nice and warm brown. It looks awesome and makes her look a lot younger and fresher again. And even dad likes it!
When my hair had finally dried we started dying my hair again. I chose a medium dark plum red by Syoss.

And here are some pics to show the result :D

The blonde part turned out kinda pinkish after dying the rest of my hair red. I really like it because it matches the red great and I'm totally into pastel colours. I'm not sure if it is really obvious on the pics but in natural light it shines really pinkish.

Oh and today I used some of my sparetime to clean up my makeup/accesoires/random stuff cupboard and threw away a whole wastebin full of stuff. Now everything is neat and clean again! I love it and I really hope it will stay this way for some time.
I found this lovely necklace while sorting out everything. I saw a lot of similar necklaces lately and I'm really happy I kept it all of the years. (I got this when I was around ten or something so this one's reeeeeaaaaally old)

Well this is everything for this week, next week I want to upload another nailtutorial and I'm planning on doing something more hime/sailor-ish with loads of glitter so be prepared ;D

I hope you'll have a nice weekend and I see you again next week!

Love, M.

P.S.: On sunday I'm gonna join a local Lolita Meetup so there might be loads of pics in my next post!

Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012


Hi sweeties <3

There would have been so much to blog about within the last days, but somehow I just couldn't get myself to sit down and write an actual entry. On may 1st my lovely boyfriend and I had our first anniversary! We went to the zoo together with three other couples (ex-classmates and friends of my boyfriend and their girlfriends) on 27th of April. We had such a good time!
He got a Kindle as a present for me. I was absolutely shocked at first, because I wanted to have an e-reader for so long, but just couldn't get myself into actually buying one. I had to thank him over and over again and still I can't really believe this is real! But anyways now I feel pretty lame thinking about my present for him :/ I told him to choose any concert he wanted to go to and I will go with him and pay the tickets.

Now that everything is slowly getting serious I told myself that it might be time to get a timetable not only for university but also for my sparetime. I need an exact plan for when I'll do my workout and when I'll have to study and stuff. If I don't plan things I often end up doing nothing... So I created a new plan and also decided to try to blog at least once a week: on tuesdays. So from now on I'll try to post at least one post on every tuesday!

Last thing for today is my first real Youtube video! I did a kinda tutorial for gal inspired nails.
A few days ago a friend of mine *klick here for a link to her blog* uploaded a nailart tutorial on her channel and I really liked what she had shown in her video. But check it out yourself:
Anyways I decided to finally record a video myself so I did a tutorial on my own interpretation of her nail design. The quality is quite poor though. My cam is about 5 years old now and not able to record anything in HD. Well next time I'll try to use my dad's nikon so the quality will hopefully be a lot better :D Enough said! Here it is:
Please leave me comments telling me how you liked it and if you'd care to see more of my own designs in the future!

See you next week!

Love, M.