Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

All Hallows Eve Dinner Preparations, Birthdays & Nailart

Hey Sweeties <3

Sorry for being absent for sooooo long. I really wanted to write about something, but lately my life hasn't been all that interesting. And right from the moment when I had something to talk about I just couldn't find the time to write an entry.
So today I will talk about the most recent things like our upcoming Hogwarts-Style Halloween dinner, my smaller sisters birthday and something I bought today.
Tomorrow is Halloween and as none of my friends planned anything, we decided to just have a decent dinner at home with our parents, my boyfriend and a friend of ours.
The starter will be pumpkin pasties and a brie that's wrapped in puff pastry with crackers to dip into the cheese. As maincourse we will have pork chops, lovely potato ghosts, glaced carrots and a salad. Finally the dessert will be a chocolate berry trifle that I already prepared today. What I planned was a lot bigger than what I am actually allowed to do,but I think it will be a nice evening anyway and maybe we'll go to some bar afterwards too. :D
The biggest disappointment was that I will not be able to do the butterbeer right. I really hoped that I would be able to get the right liqueur, but it's like looking for something that hasn't been invented yet... For now all I have for you is a picture of the not finished trifle, as I will add the last layer tomorrow to be sure that it looks really fresh and yummy. After finishing this post I will prepare the pumpkin for the pasties and make some pumpkin juice too. I'm really excited how it will turn out.

On Saturday it was my younger sisters birthday. She turned 17 and after work we went to Linz and had some drinks at an awesome cafe. We all tried to look a little bit gyaru-ish and I got a lot of compliments on my hairstyle, but unfortunately I forgot to take pics. It was a lot of fun even though there were some... let's call it small problems throughout the night.

And now to the last thing in this post. A few weeks ago I decided to buy a UV-lamp in order to be able to do my nails better. I found a really good one on a german page that's part of a starter set. It's quite cheap considering what it costs to have them done at a studio. I also ordered a UV-nailpolish sealing lacquer which is said to protect your nailpolish from splittering or getting scratched and other things so that it lasts up to weeks instead of days. I'm really excited to see how bad I am at doing my own nails :DD
As soon as I receive the package I will try to find some time to do a quick review on it and show you the outcome of my first try.

As it is getting really late I'll end this post here and tell you about the rest of my last week in another post. I hope all of you out there are fine and noone is sick. For now I wish all of my lovely readers a great Halloween!
Love, M.

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Versailles live in Vienna plus some random talk

Hi sweeties <3

I'm sincerely sorry for not updating for so long but I was a little bit stressed when I realised that university had finally really started this week. We had a lot of "homework" (we can't get real homework but anyways the professors want us to do loads of homework anyways) and I tried to start learning intensely for the upcoming exams.

I guess it's best to start with the interesting things. Last Sunday I've been on the Versailles ~Phillharmonic Quintett~ live in Vienna @Szene.
Honestly I am so desillusionated... I knew that they look way better in pictures but hell... I have always been a great fan of them. I still love their music but why do they have look so stupid when being on stage? I really tried to stay serious and have fun just because I'm enjoying the music but whenever I got to see Teru laughing, singing or just trying to act sexy I had to laugh so hard. I couldn't see his teeth which made him look like an very very old pirate. Masashi and Yuki (who was my absolute favorite ever since I got to know the band) also really shocked me... they look so manly... not as androgyn as in the pictures. Hizaki is still beautiful, but it seems like he gained some weight~ his face looked kinda swollen. Last but not least (definitely not least) Kamijo: I love his new stageoutfit soooooo much
On to the music: Unfortunately they played almost no old songs but I really like their new songs to so no prob on that. the sound was really great so I guess for music they would get an A+.
The stageshow and fanservice: I was quite far away from the stage due a huge pack of hungarian and czech (and whereverelse they came from) fans that were rushing in to the hall like there would be some sale on Jrockers XD I'm glad to see that the guys have so many fans in europe but somehow I just can't stadn the fans from the east. The tend to be really rude.
All in all I didn't really enjoy the concert as much as I had expected but it was still fun and I really loved to see them live, but Idon't know if I would go to another concert.

Now on to a slightly different story: The way home in a friends car. We live about 2 hours from vienna and the last train in our direction leaves around 11 pm so we always go there by car. We wanted to stop at a Mc Donalds before leaving Vienna so we tried to get to one. After finally finding one that's next to a gas station we tried to reach it... somehow we managed to drive in circles again and again and again :D but we reached the gas station (with almost no fuel left) and got something to eat.

From monday I decided to do something good for my hair and not style them for a while unless it's absolutely necessary (halloween and stuff like that) my mom helped me bleach to bleach the blonde half and from that day on my hair really seemed to hate me. I'd somehow like to get the damaged part cut off, but atm I don't even have the money to go to a hairdresser, so I'll have to live with it.
So I went to university in my invisibility cloak and didn't style at all, so no new pics for the moment Q.Q I'm just doing casual hairstyles that don't require heat to style the hair. In the afternoons I just tried to learn as much as I could, do my homeworks and read, read, read. Currently I'm reading a book by Trudi Canavan and I love it so much! Also I've started to read Sailor Moon again, as I want to do a cosplay next year and can't yet decide on a character.

Well enough random talk for this week I hope I'll have some more interessting stuff for you next week

Love, M

P.S.: Oh yeah I almost forgot about that: My mom promised that if my friend is here on Halloween I am allowed to prepare a huge Harry Potter style Halloween dinner
P.P.S.: I just added this pic of my hairstyle for the versailles concert. I wore a very casual outfit which I will show you maybe next time.

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

Chitchat at the Mc Cafe

Hey sweeties <3

Today I met a friend after university. I know him since summer 2009. I had bought a magazine about Japanese Lifestyle called "Peach" and in each volume there were two or three readers featured. When I read that he was from Linz (which is quite near to my hometown) I just had to send him a message. about a week or two later we met for the first time and became really good friends.
On sunday there will be a concert by Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ in Vienna and he is attending too (as are some more of my dear friends <3). So we met today because he needed some special parts for his outfit which I fortunately had at home.

We went to a quite new mall, which is called "Lentia City", in Urfahr, which is something like the north district of Linz (yes, this sounds way cooler than it really is XD). We had drinks and sweets at the Mc Cafe. Here's what we got:

He had a frozen caramel coffee without caramel unfortunately Q.Q and an apple pie and I had a chocolate frappé and a strawberry cupcake.
We kept talking for quite a long time and it was really fun. We talked a lot about fashion and hairstyles. He just got his hair dyed and it looks soooooo amazing *w* I really love the color. Well anyway the point of this hair talk was that he helped a friend of ours to decide on a haircolor and then he showed me the pic the used as a sample. While he was looking for the pic on the mobile he told me that I look a lot like the girl in the pic. I was really excited to see her!

It's Sakochi! My big inspiration <3 I guess this is one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me regarding my style.
Afterwards we went back to the center of the city. I had to buy something for my mom and he wanted to get Xboxlive points to download Crisis. Well I had to go home at about 2 pm as my mom is coming hom from her vacation today and we had to tidy up the flat.

Love, M.

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Nailart and stuff

Hey sweeties <3

University started yesterday and I had my chinese course on monday. Unfortunately it's always on monday and wednesday 10.15 am which means I have to get up very early but on the other hand I don't have to stay there as long as I had to during the last semesters. (Back then the course was from 17.30 to 20.30 which ment I came home around 10 pm) It was kinda shocking when our Zhongwen laoshi entered the classroom and didn't really use more than ten german words... so many unknown vocabulary @.@ but I'm kinda used to hearing chinese words I don't know all of the time as my nan pengyou is chinese too.

so enough bragging with the little chinese I already know and on to the original theme of this post. I wanted to check my youtube to see if there were any intersting new uploads from YAK Films (yes I am addicted to dancing [altough I really suck at it myself] and I love to see the newest stuff from Le Twins [who my boyfriend showed to me]) and got distracted by a nailart tutorial. It was about a autumn scene nailart which is really cute but then I spotted the newspaper nailart and I loved it right away! Here's my result:

You just paint your nails in a colour that would fit a newspaper, let dry fully; dip the finger into rubbing alcohol (you can get this at a pharmacy) and then press the newspaper on your nail for a few seconds (don't wait to long or it will get really sticky). Now just put on a top coat and you're finished.

Later on I also found a few really awesome videos on how to do a wonderful marble naildesign at home. It's kinda tricky to get a really nice design but once you know how to do it right it's really fun. And the results are just amazing!
Here is my result:
So this one is a little bit tricky. You need a glass or glass bowl, some toothpicks, papertowels to cover your workingplace, some different but matching nail polishes and tape to cover the area around your nail.
Fill room temperature water into the glass and drip the nailpolish into it. try to get circles and then just "stir" a little with you toothpicks. As soon as you have a design you like just dip your finger into the water next to the polish and put it under the part you want on your nail, raise your finger and voila! There it is right on your nail <3 let it dry thoroughly and get rid of the tape; clean your fingers with nail polish remover and q-tips, put on a top coat and you're finished.

I hope you liked these short summaries of the tutorials you can also find them here and here.

Love, M.