Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2011

Chitchat at the Mc Cafe

Hey sweeties <3

Today I met a friend after university. I know him since summer 2009. I had bought a magazine about Japanese Lifestyle called "Peach" and in each volume there were two or three readers featured. When I read that he was from Linz (which is quite near to my hometown) I just had to send him a message. about a week or two later we met for the first time and became really good friends.
On sunday there will be a concert by Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ in Vienna and he is attending too (as are some more of my dear friends <3). So we met today because he needed some special parts for his outfit which I fortunately had at home.

We went to a quite new mall, which is called "Lentia City", in Urfahr, which is something like the north district of Linz (yes, this sounds way cooler than it really is XD). We had drinks and sweets at the Mc Cafe. Here's what we got:

He had a frozen caramel coffee without caramel unfortunately Q.Q and an apple pie and I had a chocolate frappé and a strawberry cupcake.
We kept talking for quite a long time and it was really fun. We talked a lot about fashion and hairstyles. He just got his hair dyed and it looks soooooo amazing *w* I really love the color. Well anyway the point of this hair talk was that he helped a friend of ours to decide on a haircolor and then he showed me the pic the used as a sample. While he was looking for the pic on the mobile he told me that I look a lot like the girl in the pic. I was really excited to see her!

It's Sakochi! My big inspiration <3 I guess this is one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me regarding my style.
Afterwards we went back to the center of the city. I had to buy something for my mom and he wanted to get Xboxlive points to download Crisis. Well I had to go home at about 2 pm as my mom is coming hom from her vacation today and we had to tidy up the flat.

Love, M.