Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Nailart and stuff

Hey sweeties <3

University started yesterday and I had my chinese course on monday. Unfortunately it's always on monday and wednesday 10.15 am which means I have to get up very early but on the other hand I don't have to stay there as long as I had to during the last semesters. (Back then the course was from 17.30 to 20.30 which ment I came home around 10 pm) It was kinda shocking when our Zhongwen laoshi entered the classroom and didn't really use more than ten german words... so many unknown vocabulary @.@ but I'm kinda used to hearing chinese words I don't know all of the time as my nan pengyou is chinese too.

so enough bragging with the little chinese I already know and on to the original theme of this post. I wanted to check my youtube to see if there were any intersting new uploads from YAK Films (yes I am addicted to dancing [altough I really suck at it myself] and I love to see the newest stuff from Le Twins [who my boyfriend showed to me]) and got distracted by a nailart tutorial. It was about a autumn scene nailart which is really cute but then I spotted the newspaper nailart and I loved it right away! Here's my result:

You just paint your nails in a colour that would fit a newspaper, let dry fully; dip the finger into rubbing alcohol (you can get this at a pharmacy) and then press the newspaper on your nail for a few seconds (don't wait to long or it will get really sticky). Now just put on a top coat and you're finished.

Later on I also found a few really awesome videos on how to do a wonderful marble naildesign at home. It's kinda tricky to get a really nice design but once you know how to do it right it's really fun. And the results are just amazing!
Here is my result:
So this one is a little bit tricky. You need a glass or glass bowl, some toothpicks, papertowels to cover your workingplace, some different but matching nail polishes and tape to cover the area around your nail.
Fill room temperature water into the glass and drip the nailpolish into it. try to get circles and then just "stir" a little with you toothpicks. As soon as you have a design you like just dip your finger into the water next to the polish and put it under the part you want on your nail, raise your finger and voila! There it is right on your nail <3 let it dry thoroughly and get rid of the tape; clean your fingers with nail polish remover and q-tips, put on a top coat and you're finished.

I hope you liked these short summaries of the tutorials you can also find them here and here.

Love, M.

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