Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

All Hallows Eve Dinner Preparations, Birthdays & Nailart

Hey Sweeties <3

Sorry for being absent for sooooo long. I really wanted to write about something, but lately my life hasn't been all that interesting. And right from the moment when I had something to talk about I just couldn't find the time to write an entry.
So today I will talk about the most recent things like our upcoming Hogwarts-Style Halloween dinner, my smaller sisters birthday and something I bought today.
Tomorrow is Halloween and as none of my friends planned anything, we decided to just have a decent dinner at home with our parents, my boyfriend and a friend of ours.
The starter will be pumpkin pasties and a brie that's wrapped in puff pastry with crackers to dip into the cheese. As maincourse we will have pork chops, lovely potato ghosts, glaced carrots and a salad. Finally the dessert will be a chocolate berry trifle that I already prepared today. What I planned was a lot bigger than what I am actually allowed to do,but I think it will be a nice evening anyway and maybe we'll go to some bar afterwards too. :D
The biggest disappointment was that I will not be able to do the butterbeer right. I really hoped that I would be able to get the right liqueur, but it's like looking for something that hasn't been invented yet... For now all I have for you is a picture of the not finished trifle, as I will add the last layer tomorrow to be sure that it looks really fresh and yummy. After finishing this post I will prepare the pumpkin for the pasties and make some pumpkin juice too. I'm really excited how it will turn out.

On Saturday it was my younger sisters birthday. She turned 17 and after work we went to Linz and had some drinks at an awesome cafe. We all tried to look a little bit gyaru-ish and I got a lot of compliments on my hairstyle, but unfortunately I forgot to take pics. It was a lot of fun even though there were some... let's call it small problems throughout the night.

And now to the last thing in this post. A few weeks ago I decided to buy a UV-lamp in order to be able to do my nails better. I found a really good one on a german page that's part of a starter set. It's quite cheap considering what it costs to have them done at a studio. I also ordered a UV-nailpolish sealing lacquer which is said to protect your nailpolish from splittering or getting scratched and other things so that it lasts up to weeks instead of days. I'm really excited to see how bad I am at doing my own nails :DD
As soon as I receive the package I will try to find some time to do a quick review on it and show you the outcome of my first try.

As it is getting really late I'll end this post here and tell you about the rest of my last week in another post. I hope all of you out there are fine and noone is sick. For now I wish all of my lovely readers a great Halloween!
Love, M.

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