Mittwoch, 2. November 2011

my past week

Hi Sweeties <3

So as I already promised you I will now talk about my last week.
Last sunday I've at a Lolita meetup in Vienna. It was the 7th anniversary of the premier of Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls), which is one of myfavourite movies, because it reminds me of me and my friends a lot. So we watched it together at a small cinema where you can rent your own cinema. We had very much fun watching the movie. My boyfriend and even another non-loli friend and her boyfriend joined us.

Sorry for the bad pic, we were really in a hurry. So this was my outfit for that day.

The four of us afterwards went to a games-con called Game City, which took place at the vienna town hall. They presented a lot of new games, but the only one I was really interested in (NFS The Run) was "not available" for testing, as there where like hundreds of people wanting to test it. So after taking a quick look at every thing we left again.
The things that were most impressive, yet not 100% worth buying, were: Tekken x Streetfighter, The Legend of Zelda , NFS The Run, all of the Kinect games (they seemed to real fun), Uncharted 3 (they had an amazing booth) and there was some kind of Games presentation/testplayingthingie that was installed inside of an Audi which was constantly moving like a lowrider.

The 26th is a national holiday in Austria. We celebrate that we declared to be eternally neutral on 26th of October 1955. So everybody had a day off and I went to vienna to see my honey. We wanted to go to the city to visit a museum or something like that but in the end we used up all of or time gameing and watching tv together. The weather was not very good and I hate going out when the air is too damp, because it makes my hair look even worse.

And then finally on friday a very good friend of mine, my sister and me went to the Schallaburg, which is a renaissamce castle that was turned into a museum. We visited an exhibition about Venice, which we've been looking forward to for all of the past week. Unfortunately it hasn't been even half as good as we expected it to be. The title was "Venice -Seapower, Art and Culture". Well every second sign said that venice was a really important haven... the paintings were soso. But they had some awesome panorama drawings of venice which were unbelievalby detailed. They exhibited a lot of books but unfortunately the only thing you could see where the frontpages of most of the books. All in all it was absolutely not worth the money we paid for it (8€ with student dicsount, 9€ for adults).

Well I had a great week and within these last days a lot of new things arrived here too, but I will tell you about that in another post.

Love, M.

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