Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Ebay Arrivals

Hi Sweeties <3

As I metioned earlier this week some of the things I ordered in the last time arrived these days, so here's a short post on these things.

First my new Fall/Spring boots from ebay.
At first I wanted to buy some awesome boots from rakuten, but they were too expensive, so I decided to look through ebay to see if I can find something nice and I did! I bought them from this ebay shop.
What's really funny is the fact that me and my boyfriend had a little walk at my hometown and when we stopped at a shoestore we saw a pair of shoes that looked just like my new boots (the only difference is that the upper part is shirred) but those cost 245€. So that's one more reason for me to love my new boots. They are really confortable and look very good when worn.

Next my lower lashes (also from ebay) arrived.
I didn't think they would come anymore as it took over one and a half month but finally they arrived and they look pretty good. I haven't found time to make pictures while wearing them but here's a shot of them in the package.
They haven't been very expensive so I ordered 30 pairs, which is way too much for me. I've been thinking about doing a Giveaway soon so maybe I'll use them for it.

The last thing is not really one of my purchase but one of my boyfriends. I ordered some circle lenses for him at As he is chinese his eyes are a very deep, dark and rich brown, which I totally love but he dislikes a lot. So we decided to order a pair of optical circle lenses. We chose the GEO Tri-color world in brown. I will give them to him tomorrow and will take some pics with him to show you how they suit him.

So this is really enough posting for today. Have a nice evening sweeties!

Love, M.


  1. Schöne stiefel >3<
    darf ich fragen wie die lower lashes so sind? von der qualität und woher du sie hast? würd auch gerne welche kaufen ^^

  2. Zomg those boots are adorable! I really want a pair now lawls :P

  3. @myoubi: die Sitefel sind toll aber leider is mir im schlamm an der uni schon ein absatz abgegangen Q.Q
    Die wimpern sind von der quali her für den preis mehr als gut. Ich hab sie bei dem shop hier gekauft
    es gab leider probleme beim versand, was aber an der Post lag die das iwie verschlampt hatten :D ich hab 1.99 AUD bezahlt für eine Packung.