Montag, 12. November 2012

DIY ombre cross earrings

Hi sweeties<3

I've been feeling like I need to blog for weeks already but my netbook somehow can't build up a wireless connection anymore so I wasn't really able to come online except with my phone.
Well finally I'm back again but my w-lan still doesn't work (had to go back to using cables D:)
On saturday I went to Vienna to meet a good old friend ogf mine. I haven't seen her in ages so I was really excited to meet her, but before that I went for a bit of shopping. I got a new shirt with bronze crosses all over the front at Forever 21 and lovely zebrastriped cross earrings at Six. When I finally made it to Claire's I thought I wouldn't buy anything but then those big simple black cross earrings catched my eye and I just had to buy them. There were thousands of ideas flashing up in front of my inner eye. I could put stud on them, or a bit of pink polish and create some kind of gloopy texture, put some gold leaf flakes on them and so on.

They cost about 5€ and you can find them at the section with the more "gothic" looking stuff.

Basically what I did was using a nail art method on the earrings.
Here's what I used:
-a makeup sponge
-nail polishes from catrice (genius in a bottle) and gosh (Purple Heart)
These are optional:
-UV-curing lamp
-a brush for applying the UV-gel
-clear and glittering UV-gel (instead of glittering gel you could also use a nail polish and a top coat to seal it in)

I started with ripping of a small bit of the sponge and dipping it into the gosh nail polish and stippling it onto the crosses approximately at the half height of the vertical bar of the cross and everywhere below. For the second layer I mixed the gold and the shimmering black polishes (1:1) and again stippled it onto the cross but stopped a bit farther below. I repeated this with pure gold until I had a nice gradient look and the bottom of the cross was really intense gold.
I let it dry for about ten minutes and then applied a very thin coat of the glitter gel (got this from ebay for approximately 4$) cured the gel and then applied a coat of clear UV-gel so that the surface is really smooth again. Again I cured it and cleaned the crosses and here's the final result!

I'm so happy with how they turned out!

As I've been absent for quite some time here are some more pics of me :D

Another pic of the earrings. (I'm wearing my new Lockshop wig! It's a lovely caramel to burgundy fade and feels absolutely amazing)

By the way I'm wearing my new knit I got at Primark about a week ago. It's the first fitted knit I got in years and I'm so in love with it.

Here's one of my recent nail designs. I wore this for the last Nerd Alert! at Club Pi in Vienna.
And lastly a pic of the base of my halloween costume. I dressed up as a dragon but as we were like partying all night (well actually eating sweet stuff) we took like no pictures at all D:
Love, M.