Donnerstag, 25. April 2013

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Hi sweeties
I know I've been inactive for more than two months already but I had so much going on and no time and inspiration for blogging. I've been working out regularly and I'm really getting in shape. I've been trying to rescue my hair and work on my make up skills as well as on some of my cosplays.

So before I'll show you some recent pics there's some things I want to announce!
First and most important thing is the upcoming J-Fashion Lovers Austria Meet in Vienna! It's already the third Meet since the Group was founded last year and the community is ever growing. There are Lolitas, Gals, Pastelgoths as well as Gyaruos, some that dress Shironuri, Mori Kei, Dolly Kei, Cult Party Kei or just simple Streetstyle. Everyone is welcome to join in on the 27th of April! We will meet at 13 o'clock in front of the MQ in Vienna. Dressing in J-Fashion is not a must anyone who's interested is welcome!!

Next up is something I've been thinking about for almost one year: The founding of an austrian Gyaru-sa!
As Gyaru is getting more and more popular in my country I thought it's time to finally form a circle. I've been talking to a few girls so far and I guess at the upcoming meet we will have the cance to kind of form a base for our circle. I'm really excited about this and I hope everything will turn out good and we will be able to spread the word about gyaru!

So now on to the most recent pics! Around easter we had a J-Fashion Lovers Austria Meet up in Linz and about two weeks later I attended a Game of Thrones Movie Night in Linz where my sister and me dressed as Alayne Stone and a modern Daenerys (just couldn't find a matching fabric for my dress so far).

copyright for the last pic goes to Markus Prinz 

I hope you're all fine and I'll try to post pics of the upcoming meet next week <3 nbsp="" p="">

Love, M.