Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

two-toned hairstyle~

Hi sweeties<3

When I first saw a girl wearing her hair in that popular two-toned Style I imediately fell in love with the idea of dyeing hair in two colors. Additionaly I already had my hair dyed like that.

Back then I had it 1/4 violet and 3/4 blonde.

And now my hair is about 14 cm longer, black and since this morning also red.
Only last august I had a quarter of my hair dyed red, but I was pretty fond of it so I dyed it all black. So to achieve this look I had to bleach my hair. It was more of a foxy orange than really yellow but it was light enough for my purpose. I used foil to cover my hair and just clipped it onto my head.

Love, M.

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