Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

My recycled clock

A long long time ago my mom bought me a Diddl clock and for a long time I really loved it~ but then the ticking noise started to annoy me so I just took it off the wall and put it into a drawer.

Like about a week ago I decided to recycle it~ well not really recycle it the way recycling is meant commonly~ I just disassembled it and redecorated it completely~ it's not finished yet because I don't have any silicone at home right now~
I think I'm gonna put some whipped cream onto it and put some brown or bronce structurepaint onto the side so it looks like a cake~
Well but here's what I got so far~ The picture is from the Angelic Pretty colouringbook~ one of my absolute favourites~<3

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