Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Babyliss C260E easy waves

Hash yer dothrak chek?
Confused? I guess, I would I be, if I hadn't started to learn dothraki recently. It's a simple greeting and the question if your ride was well (more freely translated this would mean "How are you?")Well I didn't learn much more up to now. Some more greetings and a little bit of grammar, but it's really fun and I think the language is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard.

Well on to the original theme of this post. Today I already received my Babyliss C260E. I bought this one because I was looking for a good waver for about five months and then read Hiki's blopost about this specific one. You can check it out here! I went straight to and got myself one too. It was 46,20€ including the free shipping. I think that's quite cheap for a product that's as great as this waver. I unpacked it and immediately had to test it.
The package includes the waver and several product descriptions and (and this is my favourite part) a piece of heatresistant fabric/fleece that can be used for lying the waver on it. So far I used one of those mats that is normally used for hot pans but this will be way easier to stuff away.

My hair is naturally very curly but since I straighten it quite often the curls don't always come out very well. Sometimes I use rollers or a curling iron to give them an extra boost but honestly I just can't stand it anymore. I loved the beachwaves trend that was around last fall and winter and I guess it's still somewhat actual. Now finally I can wear those lovely waves myself.
So before I'll show you the result there are some more things to mention. I washed my hair a few days ago and already put on a heat protector and a little bit of hairspray. My hair was still curly and a bit frizzy before I used the waver so I was even more axcited about the result. So here it is!

What do you think about waves/ curls/ straight hair? What do you like best? What would you like to try out yourself?

Love, M.


  1. I Love your hair color! Also you are very pretty! ^^

  2. Thank you so so much!<3 I want to get the blond a lot more silver maybe even pastel lilac again but for now I'm really happy with it myself :D