Montag, 23. April 2012

D live in Vienna & recent buys

Hi sweeties <3

Last thursday I went to vienna and spent a lovely evening at my boyfriends place. We watched the new episode of the second season of Game of Thrones! I absolutely love this series! My favourite characters are Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow and Arya Stark. They all have one thing in common which really impressed me: no matter how hard their lives get, they just go on fighting. I just ordered the collector's edition of the first season and started to read "A Clash of Kings". Those books are so great! I could go on talking about them for hours but that's not todays theme.

On friday I got up quite early and got ready for meeting my friends before the D concert. We met at the Naschmarkt and then had some bubbletea at my favourite bubbletea store Qtea. As always I had almond milktea with strawberry bobba. After a little bit of shopping and meeting even more friends we went straight to the location of the concert. We spent most of our afternoon hanging around and talking. Around four we decided to go to a nearby bakery to have some cake and on our way to the shop we met ASAGI! He went outside to have a little photoshoot and was just about to return when we were on our way to the bakery! It was really exiting :D He looks so awesome "without" make up and wearing casual clothes. Well around 8 pm the Q&A session started and it was so much fun! One girl asked them to say "Nya~" and they actually did it! Asagi-kun's and Ruiza-kun's were the sexiest I've ever heard and Hiroki-kuns the funniest one.
Shortly after that the concert started and they were once again really awesome! Unfortunately there have been some problems with the sound but it was a great show anyways. I really enjoyed it and had lots of fun with the band and my friends. I'm already now looking forward to seeing them again!

On sunday I spent some time online looking for another dress for this summer. I didn't really like wearing casual dresses until a few months ago, but somehow I really got into it and now I'm kinda addicted :D
I bought a lovely, yet simple Ma*rs dress and a very cute Tralala denim skirt (with built-in shorts <3). Can't wait to try them on!
Last thing I bought this weekend is a tripple barrel waver! Finally <3 I read a post on Hiki's blog. She bought one this weekend and when I saw the results I was so excited that I thought it's finally time to get a waver too. I've been talking about buying one since christmas but somehow I just couldn't get my self into actually going to amazon and buying it. So now I ordered the Babyliss C260E for about 46€. I'm really excited to see how it will work with my hair.

I'll post some more pics of everything as soon as I've received it!

Love, M.

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