Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

High speed creativity

Hi sweeties <3

Even though the last post was so long there's still something more to talk about! I spent the last weeks thinking about what to wear for the upcoming D concert on friday in Vienna. Last year I wore a handmade outfit in violett and red. I received a lot of compliments from other fans as well as from the bandmembers! Plus a pic of me and a friend of mine was posted on the Music Japan Plus website.
Until now I couldn't find out how they knew our "names" or any of the other facts, as they actually didn't really talk to us :DD Anyways this year I wanted to wear something at least as awesome as this outfit, but I wanted to do something related to one of my new favourite songs by them. Torikago Goten ~L’Oiseau bleu~ So it had to be royal blue.
I got the blouse already in february at Forever 21 and from that day on I thought about what I could wear with it. Yesterday when I tidied up my room the blue vampire requiem replica fabric that I bought for christmas caught my eye. So I just sat down and sewed a new skirt, a matching headbow and a little bag. I'm really happy with the outcome and looking forward to wearing it at the concert!

Please let me know how you like it!
I will write a post about the concert next week!

So have a great week & weekend!

Love, M.

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