Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Super quick and super delicious dessert

Hi sweeties <3

Today I want to share one of my all time favorite desserts with you! It's glaced apples with vanilla-mascarponecream.
It's a really quick and yummy dessert and it is perfect for all times of the year. In winter you can just add a bit of cinnamon to the apples and in summer you can just exchange the mascarponecream with vanilla icecream.

Now on to the recipe: For 4 persons you need: - 3 big slightly sour apples (I prefer Pink Lady) - 7 TS brown sugar - 5 TS honey - 1 cup Mascarpone - 1 cup whipped cream - 1 ts lemon juice - Vanilla or vanilla sugar

Cut the apple into pieces, you can decide whether you like splits or smaller pieces better. Add the lemon juice and about half of the sugar to the apples and let it rest for half an hour.
Meanwhile mix the mascarpone, the whipped cream and the vanilla and put in the refrigerator.
Take a pan that's big enough so you'll be able to spread the apples evenly in it. Put a little butter into the pan and add the honey and the rest of the sugar. Let it darken a bit and add the apples. Cook until the apples get softer and the caramel turns a nice ... well caramel brown. Arrange on a dish and put the mascarponecream next to it.
Today we also added some dried eddible flowers to it. They actually don't have that much of a special taste but they look awesome :D

So this should be what you get if you do everything right!

I hope you all will enjoy this recipe just as much as I do everytime we cook this at my place!

Love, M.

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