Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Gal Meet up in Munich

Hi sweeties <3

Originally I wanted to post this already on sunday, but as I was going to vienna and forgot to take the SD-Card with the pics with me it had to wait until today.

Last time I already told you that we were going to Munich on saturday. Lovely Rin and Yaya organized a small Gal Meet up and as munich isn't that far away from my home town (~3 hours going by train) we decided to go there.
I had to get up around 6 to do my hair and make up. Well in the end I had to do my make in the train. We arrived at the Ostbahnhof around 12 o'clock and then went to the Mainstation. We were a little bit late and really anxious because we didn't really know anyone, after all it was my very first Meet up.

Everyone was so sweet and I was really happy to get to know everyone. We went shopping together and ate at an awesome restaurant in a mall. I had a superyummy Pizza with salmon and rucola. (I will have to add the picture later D: seems like I forgot to transfer it to my pc)
I only bought a new red nail polish by NYX, because my old one is almost empty and the red is soooo beautiful! It's the colorway Cherry Pie. I will show it to you some time soon as I plan to do a new nail design with it!

It was a real pitty that some of the girls had to leave so early and we didn't think of taking pics ealier, so there are only about half of us on the pictures. Here are the pictures that were taken with our cam!

Everyone looked so good! It was a really great day and I'm soooo happy that we decided to go there.

We left Munich around 7 p.m. and arrived back in salzburg around 9 p.m.. During the trainride we played UNO and talked about the day and back in salzburg we had a rather late dinner at McDonalds.
Before we left for home we took some more pics in a kind of parking lot. It was so funny and at some times we just had to laugh so hard that it was impossible to take any pic at all. So here are some more pics!

We got home around half past eleven and after taking some more pics went straight to bed. All in all it was a really awesome day!

So in the end I've got three more pics for you :D I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Here's my outfit (first pic without a jacket :D)

And this is the best shot of my make I found. I love hoy my hair looked that day! I guess I will wear it like this more often in the future!

Love, M.