Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

two-toned hairstyle~

Hi sweeties<3

When I first saw a girl wearing her hair in that popular two-toned Style I imediately fell in love with the idea of dyeing hair in two colors. Additionaly I already had my hair dyed like that.

Back then I had it 1/4 violet and 3/4 blonde.

And now my hair is about 14 cm longer, black and since this morning also red.
Only last august I had a quarter of my hair dyed red, but I was pretty fond of it so I dyed it all black. So to achieve this look I had to bleach my hair. It was more of a foxy orange than really yellow but it was light enough for my purpose. I used foil to cover my hair and just clipped it onto my head.

Love, M.

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

星 の ちさな 悪魔

Hey Dears~
Today I started working on my new accessoires collection which will be called ちあな 悪魔 - chisana akuma. It's going to be a part of my little ultraindie Label 星 の ちさな 悪魔. During the Winterbreak I decided to do a lot more creative work in the future and already have lots of things in mind but I'll need some time to realise them so for now I'm concentrating on the accessoires.
All of the things wll be ultraexclusive because I will do every design only about three or five times.

So know to my work of today:
ちあな 悪魔 - Alice in Wonderland potion
These are little bottles filled with the magic potion "Pishsalver". Every bottle has a handwritten label which says "Drink me". Due to the fact that I will keep one for myself and give one away as a present so there's only one left for you to purchase. If anyone should be reading this blog and is really interessted in buying the necklace just leave a comment.

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

What I do when I'm really bored~

Today my sister called me and asked me if I needed anything from the city, so I asked her to bring some silicone with her~

a few hours later a had a big silicone session~ here's what I produced X3

Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

My recycled clock

A long long time ago my mom bought me a Diddl clock and for a long time I really loved it~ but then the ticking noise started to annoy me so I just took it off the wall and put it into a drawer.

Like about a week ago I decided to recycle it~ well not really recycle it the way recycling is meant commonly~ I just disassembled it and redecorated it completely~ it's not finished yet because I don't have any silicone at home right now~
I think I'm gonna put some whipped cream onto it and put some brown or bronce structurepaint onto the side so it looks like a cake~
Well but here's what I got so far~ The picture is from the Angelic Pretty colouringbook~ one of my absolute favourites~<3

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Review for my new wig from VK event fashion

First I hope that everyone had a good start into 2011<3

Like I already told in my last post I got my wigs last week and I'm still wondering why the shipping was soooo fast~

According the review:
I don't exactly know what the hair is made of but it looks really fantastic. The only thing that I don't like about it is that I'm not able to style it using heat~ but well thats not so bad because I think it looks absolutely perfect the way it is.
I bought it via ebay from a german seller named VK event fashion. I also bought two detachable ponytales that match the color perfectly.

The wig itself was 17.99 € and the ponytails 13.99€ each, which I personally think is really cheap.