Dienstag, 9. Juli 2013

Back to Blogging?

Hi Sweeties!

It's been quite some time since my last post but I'm really not in a mood for blogging. But in the last weeks so many awesome things happened that I really feel the need to share everything with you!

After I've been to Germany and met all of the supercute Gyaru there I really felt like I need to join a Circle, but as I live in Austria and we didn't have one there was no chance. So I got my lazy ass up and founded the first Austrian Gyaru Unit! Our name is Melody Pop or Mero Pop and we consist of 24 Gals from Austria. Some of us are just beginners but as Gyaru is about friendship and fun (and of course fashion) we don't care if everybody's a pro. We wan't to help each other develop our styles and get better together. We had our first meet last month and it was so awesome!
We had drinks, took some pictures and talked about where we want to go with the Unit. If you are a Gyaru from Austria (even if you're currently not living in Austria) you are welcome to join us! Just message us on Facebook or leave a comment below!

Next great news is: *drumroll* we got a valentine this week! First off I was totally shocked about how many valentines there were! This is simply amazing :D After 6 posts full of lovely pictures I gave up reading but then in the middle of the night Chichii (the sweet gal on the right) texted me that we got a valentine! I'm so thankful! We were only yesterday talking about how we would react if we got a secret and then only hours after that we got that cute valentine.
From left to right: Petra, Me, Chichii

Last update is about one of my hobbies I haven't really posted about before: Cosplay. Yes I do love cosplay. I'm not really into cosplaying manga characters (though I'm really thinking about doing one of the girls from attack on titan), but I do really love cosplaying fantasy, game and comic characters. I already finished my swimsuit! Lady Loki cosplay and wore it at Made in Japan. Right now me and my sister are currently working on a matching Lady Thor outfit, as well as Iltani and Amunet from Assassins Creed 2 and last but not least I'm working on the dress Daenerys wears in Quarth. All of these should be finished by the 9th of August when Aninite starts. I haven't done anything since 2009 and I was really overwhelmed by how everyone reacted to my outfit at Made in Japan. I did the design all by myself, of course it's inspired by her original Outfit. The head part is as close to the original as possible and with the rest I just went for what I thought might be a bikini that a goddess might want to wear. So here are finally some pictures <3 as="" be="" get="" i="" ll="" more="" p="" posting="" rest="" soon="" the="">

Oh and by the way that's my sister on the right ;D

That's it so far! We'll be having another J-Fashion Lovers Austria Meet up on 21st of July so there will be some more posts coming up! Until then have a great summer!

Love, M.

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  1. chichii hat mir auch wegn dem valentine geschrieben XD *freu* yay

    dein cosplay sieht toll aus*-*