Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012

Nails, Nails, Nails

Hi sweeties <3

I guess everyone knows that nails are a big part of the gyaru fashion. I love that there are so many ways to wear your nails: short, long, oval, sharp and edgy, with lots of bling or just plain.
Within the last years I wore quite a lot of false nails but due to the natural shape of my nails they never really fitted. I really love long nails but my own nails are kinda thin and tend to split, break or rip, so last october (I think it was october) I decided to get a UV-curing lamp and gels and did my own gelnails. I really love crafting and creating little things so I wasn't really afraid of doing it on my own. I guess the first time they were pretty much okay, but nothing more. By now I found out how to make my nails look really good, how to shape them and what gels are best for the modelage.

I bought the Jolifin Starter Set and I'm so happy I got this one. The quality is really good and it comes with everything you need.

I'm always looking for new inspiration. Google and Youtube can be really helpful but also blogs of some lovely gals are full of nail art and other inspirations.

I guess these are the most common shapes for nails and even when not wearing false nails you can wear great nail art. Just take some time, look for a picture of a nail art you'd like to do, get some nail polish and get started!

Lastly I want to share some of my recent nail art. I'm not really able to put on too much bling, because I work as a casshier and my nails usually are totally ruined after work, so I just decorate my nails for special occasions and stick to cute polishes for my everyday life.

This is what my nails looked like after doing them for the first time.
My Valentine's Day nailart (inspired by cutepolish)
This is what I wear right now. I love Polka dots and pastels as they are perfect for spring.
Two days ago was the end of carnival so me and some friends were going out and as I didn't dress up I just made my nails to look a bit like minnie mouse :D
And last but not least a rather blurry pic of my outfit of that night.

Oh and I got the blush I was talking about last time and I love it!

I guess that's again more than enough for today. So I hope you are all well and have a nice day!

Love, M.


  1. Omg sind deine Nägel echt so lang? O: Ja ich bin ein noob wenns um kunstnägel geht xD
    Meine nägel waren auch schon mal im Minnie-Mouse style (als ich mich als minnie mouse zu halloween verkleidet hab) und in dem mint-dot style auch :) ich liebe mint und punkte *_*

  2. Ja mittlerweile sind meine Nägel auch unter dem Gel so lange gewachsen und Ich geb nur noch wenig Gel drüber damit sie stabiler sind. Punkte sind einfach soooo süß! <3

  3. Hey ich wollte fragen ob du Lust hättest bei meinem Japan/Korea Friends Board mit zu machen?