Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Review: hair straightening brush

Hey sweeties <3

So I told you that I bought lots of new haircare stuff. One of these things was a special brush for straightening your hair while blow drying.
Usually I don't blowdry my hair at all because my hair is naturally very dry and frizzy and when I do blowdry it it gets even worse. But letting it airdry takes ages. At the moment I straighten my hair a lot because I just can't stand the way my natural curls look, so I thought why not try this brush.
I bought it at Basler, a shop especially for hair cosmetics and hair dresser equipment. It's the "Lady B. CERAMIC LINE Haarglätterbürste".

It has different fibers put together into one strand so there are very thick ones to brush the hair and very thin ones to smoothe it. Also the ceramic plates help to disperse the heat evenly.
As my hair is really, really curly and the blow-drier at my boyfriends place isn't exactly the best thing on earth I didn't expect the outcome to be all to amazing but honestly spoken it is awesome! It is way easier to use than an usual round brush and straightened my hair really well.
Unfortunately I couldn't finish my work as the blow drier is so incredibly loud and my boyfriends dad was so annoyed of the sound that I had to stop.
Of course I will have to use my flat iron later but I always have to after blow drying my hair, but my hair feels really silky and is way easier to comb than after blow drying it with a normal brush or a round brush.

Well all in all I think I can totally recommend this brush for anyone who likes to straighten their hair while blowdrying it, but don't like to use round brushes.
I do not regret buying it at all.

I hope this review was helpful for some of you. If you have any questions about the product or the shop you can just leave me a comment.

Love, M.


  1. Wow, this is really cool! :D : D I think I will maybe try it!

  2. That sounds nice,I wish they'd sell ones in the shops over here >_<