Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012


Hi sweeties <3

There would have been so much to blog about within the last days, but somehow I just couldn't get myself to sit down and write an actual entry. On may 1st my lovely boyfriend and I had our first anniversary! We went to the zoo together with three other couples (ex-classmates and friends of my boyfriend and their girlfriends) on 27th of April. We had such a good time!
He got a Kindle as a present for me. I was absolutely shocked at first, because I wanted to have an e-reader for so long, but just couldn't get myself into actually buying one. I had to thank him over and over again and still I can't really believe this is real! But anyways now I feel pretty lame thinking about my present for him :/ I told him to choose any concert he wanted to go to and I will go with him and pay the tickets.

Now that everything is slowly getting serious I told myself that it might be time to get a timetable not only for university but also for my sparetime. I need an exact plan for when I'll do my workout and when I'll have to study and stuff. If I don't plan things I often end up doing nothing... So I created a new plan and also decided to try to blog at least once a week: on tuesdays. So from now on I'll try to post at least one post on every tuesday!

Last thing for today is my first real Youtube video! I did a kinda tutorial for gal inspired nails.
A few days ago a friend of mine *klick here for a link to her blog* uploaded a nailart tutorial on her channel and I really liked what she had shown in her video. But check it out yourself:
Anyways I decided to finally record a video myself so I did a tutorial on my own interpretation of her nail design. The quality is quite poor though. My cam is about 5 years old now and not able to record anything in HD. Well next time I'll try to use my dad's nikon so the quality will hopefully be a lot better :D Enough said! Here it is:
Please leave me comments telling me how you liked it and if you'd care to see more of my own designs in the future!

See you next week!

Love, M.


  1. ich kann nie viel zu deinen blogeinträgen sagen, vor allem dann nich wenn sie von cosplay oder nailart handeln q_q aberrrrr ich will jetzt n kommentar schreiben XDDD aber dein video is ja mal geil und ich sehe, du hast von jolfin den trockner! ich hab den onlineshop mal testen dürfen ^___^

    1. Ich muss echt sagen Jolifin ist eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsmarken wenns um Nagelzeug geht *-* Ich hab da mal so nen Hologramm Nagellack bestellt... der Wahnsinn! Und tausend Dank für das Kompliment! Ich hab mir echt Mühe gegeben mit dem Video :D an manchen stellen ist leider der Schnitt nicht so gut aber sonst bin ich echt zufrieden damit ^-^

  2. That's wonderful!!
    I'm looking for nail tutorial but seems like most gals only make the makeup or hair tutorial >_<

    btw,my blog is having a giveaway event,if anyone interests.

    1. Thanks! I have also been looking for nail tutorials desperately! I just decided to do them on my own :3