Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012


Hi sweeties <3

Wow, it's only one week since I made up my new plan and yet I can't hold on to it. Well yesterday was a really busy day. I got up very early and went shopping with my mom. We bought lots of yummy food for this week! I got a new special edition joghurt from nöm mix. It's tomato and strawberry flavor! It sounded really queer, but it really tastes awesome!!!
Afterwards we went to Müller to pick up some new haircolor for me and my mom and then we went to Eferding or somewhere close to Eferding (I honestly don't know where the hell we went xD) and got superfresh asparagus for yesterday's dinner.
On our way home we stopped at my best friends house and I finally gave her the watch I got as a present for her around easter.
Well home again we immediately started bleaching my hair. We used a simple and very cheap blond form the drugstore and I gotta say I loved it! my hair doesn't feel like it's been bleached at all! It was the Poly Palette Natural Colors in 10 Extra Light Pearlblond.
So here's the result after bleaching all of my hair:

I think this is an awesome result if you consider that I had dyed part of my hair black for like the last three years :D While I had the bleach on my hair I dyed my mom's hair. She got her hair dyed red last month and dad really got mad like hell! He hated the color and didn't talk to my mom for about two days... So this time we took a really nice and warm brown. It looks awesome and makes her look a lot younger and fresher again. And even dad likes it!
When my hair had finally dried we started dying my hair again. I chose a medium dark plum red by Syoss.

And here are some pics to show the result :D

The blonde part turned out kinda pinkish after dying the rest of my hair red. I really like it because it matches the red great and I'm totally into pastel colours. I'm not sure if it is really obvious on the pics but in natural light it shines really pinkish.

Oh and today I used some of my sparetime to clean up my makeup/accesoires/random stuff cupboard and threw away a whole wastebin full of stuff. Now everything is neat and clean again! I love it and I really hope it will stay this way for some time.
I found this lovely necklace while sorting out everything. I saw a lot of similar necklaces lately and I'm really happy I kept it all of the years. (I got this when I was around ten or something so this one's reeeeeaaaaally old)

Well this is everything for this week, next week I want to upload another nailtutorial and I'm planning on doing something more hime/sailor-ish with loads of glitter so be prepared ;D

I hope you'll have a nice weekend and I see you again next week!

Love, M.

P.S.: On sunday I'm gonna join a local Lolita Meetup so there might be loads of pics in my next post!

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