Mittwoch, 30. November 2011

last weekend

Hey sweeties <3

Wow I haven't been bloging for ages! But honestly my life was just so boring and depressing that I just didn't feel like posting anything.
Last weekend I finally met my boyfriend again (we haven't seen each other for two weeks as I've been sick and haven't been allowed to leave the house the weekend before), but before that I went to Natsumi-sans place on friday.
I did her nails and slept at her place. On saturday we met our friends Chris and Shu in Linz. We wanted to go to a christmas market but ended up at a cofeeshop :D Here are some pics:
Me in the train :DD
Best coffee I ever had <3 Caramel Nut Moccachino

After meeting my friends I went to Vienna to meet my boyfriend. I felt like I hadn't seen him for ages. We went straight to his home and had another amazing dinner his mom prepared for us (If someday I turn fat I know whose fault it will be :DDD). We watched TV together and just enjoyed the time together.
On sunday we decided to visit a chirstmas market at the town hall place. It consists mostly of food, food, jewelry and lots of food. We bought huge bertzels, one that tasted like a bismarck with cinnamon and sugar on top and one that was filled with vanilla pudding. Afterwards we had three cups of punch together.The first was actually "Jagatee" which was really really too strong, the second was with pomegranate flavour (our favourite) and the last was with egg liqueur (again really strong).
I love how his eyes glow when he's wearing his lenses
as you can see my darlin didn't really like the Jagatee
cute little castle and the heart tree

All in all I had a great weekend and enjoyed the warm weather.
Since I left Vienna my life seems to be dull and grey again. I really can'T wait for the next weekend!

I'll write another post right after this one to tell you what just lighted up my day ;)

Love, M.

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