Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Versailles live in Vienna plus some random talk

Hi sweeties <3

I'm sincerely sorry for not updating for so long but I was a little bit stressed when I realised that university had finally really started this week. We had a lot of "homework" (we can't get real homework but anyways the professors want us to do loads of homework anyways) and I tried to start learning intensely for the upcoming exams.

I guess it's best to start with the interesting things. Last Sunday I've been on the Versailles ~Phillharmonic Quintett~ live in Vienna @Szene.
Honestly I am so desillusionated... I knew that they look way better in pictures but hell... I have always been a great fan of them. I still love their music but why do they have look so stupid when being on stage? I really tried to stay serious and have fun just because I'm enjoying the music but whenever I got to see Teru laughing, singing or just trying to act sexy I had to laugh so hard. I couldn't see his teeth which made him look like an very very old pirate. Masashi and Yuki (who was my absolute favorite ever since I got to know the band) also really shocked me... they look so manly... not as androgyn as in the pictures. Hizaki is still beautiful, but it seems like he gained some weight~ his face looked kinda swollen. Last but not least (definitely not least) Kamijo: I love his new stageoutfit soooooo much
On to the music: Unfortunately they played almost no old songs but I really like their new songs to so no prob on that. the sound was really great so I guess for music they would get an A+.
The stageshow and fanservice: I was quite far away from the stage due a huge pack of hungarian and czech (and whereverelse they came from) fans that were rushing in to the hall like there would be some sale on Jrockers XD I'm glad to see that the guys have so many fans in europe but somehow I just can't stadn the fans from the east. The tend to be really rude.
All in all I didn't really enjoy the concert as much as I had expected but it was still fun and I really loved to see them live, but Idon't know if I would go to another concert.

Now on to a slightly different story: The way home in a friends car. We live about 2 hours from vienna and the last train in our direction leaves around 11 pm so we always go there by car. We wanted to stop at a Mc Donalds before leaving Vienna so we tried to get to one. After finally finding one that's next to a gas station we tried to reach it... somehow we managed to drive in circles again and again and again :D but we reached the gas station (with almost no fuel left) and got something to eat.

From monday I decided to do something good for my hair and not style them for a while unless it's absolutely necessary (halloween and stuff like that) my mom helped me bleach to bleach the blonde half and from that day on my hair really seemed to hate me. I'd somehow like to get the damaged part cut off, but atm I don't even have the money to go to a hairdresser, so I'll have to live with it.
So I went to university in my invisibility cloak and didn't style at all, so no new pics for the moment Q.Q I'm just doing casual hairstyles that don't require heat to style the hair. In the afternoons I just tried to learn as much as I could, do my homeworks and read, read, read. Currently I'm reading a book by Trudi Canavan and I love it so much! Also I've started to read Sailor Moon again, as I want to do a cosplay next year and can't yet decide on a character.

Well enough random talk for this week I hope I'll have some more interessting stuff for you next week

Love, M

P.S.: Oh yeah I almost forgot about that: My mom promised that if my friend is here on Halloween I am allowed to prepare a huge Harry Potter style Halloween dinner
P.P.S.: I just added this pic of my hairstyle for the versailles concert. I wore a very casual outfit which I will show you maybe next time.


  1. wahhh~ wo sind die outfitsbilder vom konzert XD

  2. es gibt leider nur ein bild und das is naja man sieht nicht so gut wie toll meine haare eigentlich waren (jaja selbstlob unso aber so waren wirklich schön) Q.Q drum weiß ich ned ob ichs dazu geben soll~ willsus trotzdem sehen?

  3. schade dass man so wenig sieht! aber das was man sieht ist toll <333 hübsches du! >3<

  4. dankeschön :3 iwann mach ich mal n shooting und dann mach ich mir die haare wieder genau so ^^ ich fand dassah so gut aus und es war eigentlich auch nicht so schwer zu machen :D