Donnerstag, 30. August 2012

Day 2 + a quick update

Meaning behind your blog name

Hi sweeties<3

So I guess today is the hardest of all thirty days. The meaning of my blogname... well honestly there is no real meaning behind it. When I started using tumblr a few years ago I had to find a unique name and as I was madly into lolita at that time and me and one of my best friends where always making senseless japes about fairtrade bananas I just chose bananalolita. I got used to the name and really learned to love it. I think it fits my personality quite well. It's a bit weird but still cute. As I got into Gyaru more and more I thought about changing the name into something more suitable, but honestly I hate it when I follow a blog and they suddenly change their name, so I stuck with it and I'm happy about it.
What do you think about my blogname?

Tuesday I went to vienna again and my boyfriend and me met a friend at ikea. We bought a larger bed for his room, a large mirror and an awesome led-lamp (called dioder). It took us like four hours to shorten the cupboard in my boyfriends room so the bed would fint into the room and to build the bed and everything else. We installed the lamp at the lower side of the window bench so it can be used as reading light in the bed. I really love it because it features a remote with which you can change the color of the light. It's my favourite toy at the moment. The mirror is still just leaning against a wall as we're not sure where to put it.

Well that's it for today! Stay tuned for Day 3!

Love, M.

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