Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

new haircolor and stuff

Hi sweeties <3

I've again been absent for quite some time, but honestly I just didn't feel like posting at all! I had to write more job applications and I am working on a new cosplay at the moment, so I'm kinda busy.
Last saturday I've been in Vienna with some of my friends where we went to the Black Veil Brides concert. It was an amazing show! Even the opening act was great :D It was Yashin, another awesome Emocore band.
We also met some other friends there and during the concert I even met Nana, Eve and Dushi (with his girlfriend) from Lolita Komplex <3
I really enjoied the day and on Sunday my boyfriend and me went for a ride at the Danube Islands and enjoied the great weather!

Well this last week was kinda boring, but I had lots of fun at work (as always)and on saturday I went to Vienna again. My Sister already went there on friday to visit the Donauinselfest. It's an absolutely free annual festival on the danube islands and many many big stars were there this year (e.g. Marlon Roudette, James Morrison, Samy Deluxe, Sunrise Ave., Jennifer Rostock and many more). Me and my loved one went to see Samy Deluxe and it was freakin' awesome! We stood in the perfect place just above all the people in front of us but still kinda close to the stage. The gig started around 23.00 and ended around half past twelve. And from the first song to the last it was just amazing! He played loads of old songs aswell as some great new ones. Here are my favourites first an old one and then one from his new album "SchwarzWeiß".

On Sunday me and my sis met with our parents and went to the Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna. I wanted to see the wolf cubs that were born about a month ago but they are still to small to be together with the older wolves Q.Q But anyways we saw loads of cute and stunning animals there. Here are some of the pics my dad took that day:

Lovey dovey penguins ^w^

This is one of my absolute favourite animals! I love them cute little red pandas <3

This is an aesculapian we found on the way out of the zoo. It's actually eating a rat it has caught some time before.

And now to the main part of this post I dyed my hair again. I got some new colour which bleaches and colours your hair in one step from Loreal. Usually it's just for highlights. It's Majicontrast in rouge. I really didn't think it would brighten my hair up so freakin' much o.o before it was like a dark auburn and now its this.

I was really afraid that it would get this bright or even brighter cause that's about the haircolor of my best friend and even though I love colour on her I didn't want to look like a clone or wannabe-her. Well anyways it happened and now I'll have to live with it. It's not the same colour on all of my hair it's more like one quarter is really bright and the rest is just one or two nuances brighter than I hoped it would get.
Well here are some more pics of my current hair, please let me know how you like it :D

In hope there will be more to blog about soon as the big summer vacation is about to start and there are some conventions to come. I hope you all are enjoying the weather and having a good time wherever you read my blog <3

Love, M.

P.S.: My current hair reminds me strongly of Jaqen H'gar. So a woman says valar morghulis!


  1. ich find deine neue haarfarbe wirklich toll *___*
    das pinguin foto ist ja süß!!

  2. Danke :3 Ich bin gespannt wie es wird wenn es sich etwas ausgewaschen hat :D Ich liebe diese Pinguine so sehr! Immer wieder toll zu sehen wie sie im Frühjahr brüten und dann im frühen Sommer die Jungen schon das weiche Gefieder ablegen :D einfach knuffelige Tiere <3