Montag, 12. September 2011

Weekend and my invitation to Hogwarts

Hey sweeties <3

I had a really great weekend with my boyfriend. We had a lot of fun and just enjoyed the last freetime before the really hard studying time started today.
On friday we went to the city to buy some stuff my honey needed for his fieldtrips at the army and I got some more make up :3
On saturday I had to work... for the first time since three weeks so it wasn't all that bad. There are a lot of new coworkers at my workingplace and they are all really kind :3 So I'm kinda looking forward to working again next saturday.
In the evening we had dinner at my favourite greek restaurant. It was sooooo superduperdelicious <3 I had kleftiko (ovenbaked knuckle of a lamb with cheese) and I have never had anything that delicious at a greek restaurant. It was so soft and juicy *-* The taste was very intense but balanced. Absolutely perfect. All of you who can should check this restaurant out.
After the dinner me and my boyfriend baked a cheesecake. unfortunately it didn't turn out very good but at least it doesn't taste bad :D
On sunday we did my boyfriends laundry, went on a little biking tour and cut my boyfriends hair (which was a real adventure as I have never cut asian hair before).
For lunch we had a little BBQ in our "garden" and afterwards we went to the trainstation where I had to say good bye q.q

I had to study a lot after my boyfriend left and then around nine pm my sis cam running into the living room and told me that our pottermore welcome emails have arrived. I was sooooo excited *w*
And then... Pottermore is currently not available! I was really frustrated and decided to stay up until it's gonna be back up. I had a nice conversation with one of my best friends while I was waiting and then finally it was up again.
I explored the page rather quickly in the beginning and then went back to the beginning to see through all of it again. I really love this page. I miss some music in the background but apart from that it's really great.

So now to the sorting:
I got into Gryffindoooooor <3

And then also I got my wand. At first sight I thought it wouldn't suit me but after a few moments I really liked it :D

So if any of my dear readers are on Pottermore too please feel free to add me: HazelQueen48

Enough for today. Sadly I don't have any new pictures for you this time but I think I will have some tomorrow.
I hope all of you will have a nice night and that my aunt will leave soon so I can at least see fringe tonight q.q

Love, M.

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