Donnerstag, 8. September 2011

just a quick trip to the city

Hi sweeties <3

At first I wanted to go to vienna to meet my boyfriend there and take him to my hometown. But only a few minutes after I left my home he texted me to tell me that he wont be allowed to leave the post today. I was really depressed at first because I spent two hours on finding an outfit, doing my hair and make. But I had to go to the city anyways.

So I went to a drugstore to get a special detergant for my dad because he constantly stains his shirts with ballpens. But as I couldn't find the detergents at first I just looked through the make up part of the store and found some stuff to test.

Here's what I got:
-an essence eyeshadow quattro (02 - chic-ify) containing: peach, a warm light brown, glittery black, glittery silver
- s-he x-treme hardener for nails (my nails tend to break like every day so I'm looking for a good hardener to strengthen them)
- essence nail fashion sticker gel style (in two colorways) which I will be reviewing in a few days

I already tested the nailhardener and it really helps a lot. I will go on to use it and we will see if nails will really grow longer. At least I hope so.

And at last I will leave you a few pictures of my self from today (treid to do an gyaru make up again :3). I hope you'll like them <3
Love, M.

So this was my outfit for today~ I was kinda inspired by an blogpost of universal-doll I found today. It's all about OraOra-Kei <3

P.S.: as always click to enlarge the pictures

P.P.S.: I just realized that I look kinda dorky in the second pic but I still like it :DD