Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Hey sweeties <3 About two weeks ago I finally ordered a pair of sneakers I'v been dreaming of for long. Supra Skytops <3 I really hoped that they would arrive before the convention so I could wear them there but... as I expected the arrived about half an hour after I had left home Q.Q So yesterday I had to go to the post office to get my new shoes and also those of my mom. We ordered at Kickz (which I can really recommend, because the ship for free and it's really fast!). Since the shoes were quite expensive I kept thinking about the colourway for a long time. Originally I wanted to get the Skytops out of the smoked pack which was released some time ago but they weren't available in my size, which is really depressing since my feet are quite big in my eyes Q.Q So after some thinking I decided on the Muska Skytops in black/croc. They cost 99.90€ and I have never paid that much for shoes except once for my beloved red cowboyboots. I was really excited when I unpacked them *w* They fit my feet perfectly and look absolutely great (even a lot better than I expected). So here are some pics I took with my cellphone (I'm probably gonna post some better pictures soon)
The label on the package
The first shoe revealed *w*
The inner sole
The crown on the back of the shoe
Detail: tongue
another crown on the sole <3
That's what they look like when worn <3 I can't wait to take more pictures of them~ I really love them. I'm spending almost all of my time with studying at the moment so I don't have to tell you much apart new shoes and other stuff but I guess as soon as university starts again that will change a lot. :3 For today this is all I don't feel like writing more cause I'm a little bit down q.q my boyfriend is currently at the army and they are on a kind of fieldtrip this week which means we have hardly had contact since sunday evening and I'm starting to feel really lonely... So I'll just watch the first episode of the new season of "The Big Bang Theory" and see if it can distract me at least a little bit q.q Lonely Love, M.

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