Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

New Eyelashes and a "quick" update

Hey Sweeties <3

I'm sorry for not posting so long. On monday is the first of two really hard exams and I'm spending almost all of my time on learning for it. I didn't leave the house for days and I really start to feel depressed.
Last weekend I've been at my boyfriends place again and we've been to the city for about two hours or so and I really spent to much money again XD but I didn't buy anithing sensless, but more about that in another post.

On sunday I had to leave a bit earlier because my uncle was at my place and we were to have dinner together. He has recently been in Italy for a language course. He bought me a really lovely summerdress with a fully shirred top and a mulitlayer skirt I love it and I can't wait for the next summer so I can wear it. Well we had some superyummy selfmade pizza with seafood (which is my absolute favourite) and drank some coffee afterwards. All in all we had a nice evening.

From monday until now I only left the house once (okay twice but the second time was just to take the waste outside) for lunch on tuesday. We (Dad, Mom and me) met some friends of my mom and had lunch together at the restaurant of the supermarket that I work for. I had a really nice roast with a delicious bread dumpling. I kept playing around with the daughter of one of my moms friends. She's so very lovely <3 She just started school and now she was really excited to tell me everything and show me new games they learned at school. It was really fun.

I was really wondering who was at the door when the doorbell rang today (twice - which means either my neighbour or the postman) and tadaaaa it was the postman <3 he brought me the lashes I orderd a little bit more than two weeks ago. I think it took quite long for them to come but the shipping was really cheap so I think it okay like this. I really like their style and I will do a review on them in an extra post as soon as I used them. I got them on ebay and they were on sale *-* I got 30 pairs for just 20$ plus shipping. At first I wanted to get some from dollywink but they are so expensive q.q and I am always trying to get super stuff for super values so I decided to get these instead and I really love what I got. I'm still waiting for my lower lashes but I guess that will at least take until next week.

So for now this is all I can leave you here. I hope all of you have a good night and sleep well while I write this due to insomnia. (I HATE exams Q-Q)

Love, M.

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