Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Last Minute

Hey sweeties, I'll just write a quick post because I'm a bit stressed already. I had to buy some things I forgot to get in time for the convention, so me and my sis went to the city and got all we needed.Here's what I got: I love fake glasses and today I got a new pair <3 I really like the color and style and it was soooooo cheap *w*
Afterwards we've been to a drugstore to get some make up we needed. I found a new eyeshadow base I'm going to try (and maybe review on here?) and a translucent mattifying loose powder (both from essence).
And I got some quite nice falsies at the drugstore <3 They are also from essence and not so very expensive.
I'll go on preparing everything for the con now and I hope all of you will have a really great evening <3 Love, M.

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