Montag, 5. September 2011

Aninite '11

Hey sweeties <3 Finally I have to time to write a review of the con. Due to the time I'll keep it short. After finally finding my workingplace at the con the busy part began. I was working for the tombola and sold fortunes and handed out the prices. It was really stressy but a lot of fun too <3 The visitors were buying forutnes as if there was no tomorrow so we were finished on saturday around three pm. From that moment on I had no work left to do and spent all of my time with my friends. It was an really awesome weekend and I think I haven't laughed that much for a long time :3 hafsahafsahafsa I'll just give you a glimpse on what I was wearing this weekend: Friday: Sylvia on the left, me on the right
All in all I had a really great weekend and I can't wait for next year <3 I hope all of you had a great weekend too. Love, M.

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