Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

Day 8

A place you've travelled to

Hi sweeties <3

So this time you're gonna be reading a bit about one of my favourtie places.
I've been there for two weeks in 2010. My uncle asked me whether I would like to join him an his wife on a little trip through the west of canada and of course I joined them!
We started of in Calgary and I have never in my life before seen any buildings that huge! (Well not until we came to vancouver later during that journey). I was simply amazed.
We went to Banff after one night and stayed there for almost a whole week. I really enjoyed the time there. It's a very charming little city amidst the rocky mountains. We visited Lake Louise and Lake Morraine. We've been to Vancouver for several days and that was my personal highlight. There's a book off, a lovely china town, loads of japanese shops/restuarants (there was a konbini right across the street from my hotel) and of course Vancouver Island! I haven't been there, but if I ever have the pleasure to go to Vancouver again I will stay there for several days for sure.

On our way back to Calgary we also stopped at Jasper. Another lovely small city with great surroundings.

Well all over I loved Canada and I can't wait to go there again!

What's your favourite place? Would you want to go to Canada too? Let me know!

Love, M.

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