Freitag, 4. Januar 2013

Update & search for workout partners

Hi sweeties <3

Christmas and the new year have come and gone and it was an amazing and overwhelming time for me! I got the most amazing presents and spent the time with my best friends.

My boyfriend got me the mint swatch I've been craving for for more than a year and my sister got me assassins creed II which I was allowed to play before christmas already <3 It's so awesome!
Oh and of course I got a lot of money so I'm going to buy some new stuff. Mainly stuff I need anyways and a new Lolita dress from Infanta. I've been thinking about getting a derss from Innocent World but somehow I couldn't get myself into spending all my christmas money on the Elisabeth Rose Dress. (I'm so in love with this dress <3)

Now on to the next point!
Even though I'm pretty lean I want to loose my last bit of belly fat and get back to my old body from back when I was still working out regularly.
My biggest problem is that I just can't motivate myself enough to do my workout every day so I'm looking for someone (another blogger would be nice) or also a group of people that would want to start a workout program with me. Also including a more healthy diet (ermagherd I definitely need to cut out a bit of the sugar in my diet) and writing about the progress on a regular basis (which should get me into blogging more often too :D)

Ipersonally am not trying to loose weight I just want to reduce my little bit of fat and build up my muscles but I would welcome anyone who's trying to loose weight!

If you are in any way (blog, facebook, tumblr, youtube, twitter) intersted in joining in with me please let me know in the comments!

Hope to talk to you soon again!

Love, M.


  1. Ich würde sehr gerne mit dir so ein programm durchmachen <3 allerdings erst wenn ich halbwegs gesund bin und wenn die uni nicht mehr sooo stresst (ab februar vll?) <3

    blog bitte öfter!! ^^

  2. aaah jetzt fühl ich mich richtig mies weilich so blogfaul bin q.q ich will wirklich öfter bloggen aber iwie find ich oft einfach keine inspiration dafür D: Wir können gerne im Februar eine kleine Blogaktion machen und gemeinsam versuchen ein wenig fitter zu werden! Ich hab jetzt mal auf den Maturaball meiner Schwester hingearbeitet aber da geht noch was! Dann hab ich auch was worüber ich gut bloggen kann hahaha <3

  3. abspecken ist immer gut und ich kenn das problem nur zu gut... motivation ole~
    die macht gerade iwo in der südsee urlaub und trinkt nen cocktail für mich mit.

  4. Ja genau deswegen möcht ich es eben mit andern gemeinsam machen! Wenn man selber schon nicht motiviert ist dann kann man sich wenigstens von der Motivation anderer anstecken lassen :D