Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Finally back online

Hi sweeties <3

I'm finally back online :D my internal W-lan adapter broke and I had to use a cable all of the time which frustrated me so much that I didn't feel like using my netbook at all.

So here's a short updated what happened in the last weeks!

It's already my third month at my new working place and I really enjoy the work there even though I have to get up at 5 am every day. I have a lot of responsibility there and it feels really great to know that I'm living up to everybody's expectations.

On november 25th there was a Lolita Meet up in Vienna which I've joined. Loads of cute girls where there anbd everyone looked so amazing. I didn't wear Lolita at all for several months because I just had no time to dress up and when I did I wore Gyaru. When I put on my dress and everything it felt so special again. I love that feeling! We met at the MQ in Vienna and then took some pics as always. The main part of the group then went to see an exhibition about naked men in art and Jasmin and me went to starbucks for some coffee and a bit of small talk. It was really great to get to know her better! Afterwards we all met again to have dinner together at a great vietnamese restaurant (Saigon). The food was really delicious and it's always so much fun to go out with so many lolitas!
Except from Daga all of my favourite Lolitas joined too.
So now on to the pictures!

I wore my new ETC dress and my lovely fluffy fawn fake fur jacket from F21.

Here's a close up! I still love my wig so much <3 I think it looked lovely with the jacket and the dress :D

Now on to my biggest inspirations!

Sylvia from royalFruitcake

Dani from royalpinkgoth

Jasmin with whom I've had coffee

Patto from dreamyxlullaby

Next big thing that happened was the medical test at the police academy! We had to do a drug test and a psychological test, an ergometry and a basic check on my eyes, ears and general body wellness. Everything went well and I'm one step closer to my goal! YAY! So now the last obstacle I have to take is the sports test :D I will get my invitation around christmas and I'm so excited already. During my last day at the casern I've been talking to a girl that is in the training right now and everything sounds so exciting and awesome. I really can't wait to start the training myself :D

So that's pretty much all that's worth mentioning. I will do my first giveaway around christmas so don't miss it! I'll be including some handmade jewelry, cosmetics and other stuff.

See you soon!
Love, M.


  1. das close up foto von dir ist sooo niedlich!
    einfach hübsch <3
    danke dass du mich als inspiration zählst <3 fühle mich sehr geehrt! dabei lässt mein lolita interesse ziemlich nach momentan

  2. Dankeee!
    Du warst die erste die sich auf nem Meet up so richtig mit mir unterhalten hat und ich liebe! deinen Stil einfach so sehr <3 bei mir ist es auch ziemlich abgeflaut aber grad nach dem Meet hab ich wieder richtig Lust daran gefunden ^-^