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Make up favourites winter 2012/13

Hi sweeties <3

So I've been looking for an ispiration for a few days. Blogging is getting harder as time goes by if you can't find any inspiration. I asked my best friend what she would want to read and she suggested that I should do a list of my favourite products. I loved the idea so this is what today's post will be about!

But before we're getting started I wanted to show what I've been working on today!

I created a book that I will fill with all my inspirations, everything I want to write about, all the stuff that is influencing me, so that whenever I'm looking for something to write about I'll just open my book and there will hopefully be some good topic in there.

Now on to my favourite Make up products for this winter!
I'll be splitting it in categories and I'll just show you my highlight product for the category.
#1 Nails:
Essence Home Sweet Home TE Gel Shine Nail Polish (02 red-y to relax)
I bought this nail polish because I'm always looking for cheap polishes that have a good shine and don't chip too easily. Essence definitely did a great job with this polish! It's extremly shiny and doesn't wear off too fast. It's not a pure red though. It has a distinct hint of orange which makes it look very fresh. I love the colour and I've been wearing for like three weeks in a row.

#2 Eyes:
Catrice Lashes to kill false lash fibres volume mascara
I got this during a promo sale at Müller. They are selling the 1+1 free with the Lashes to kill (either waterproof or ultra black). I really am no fan of mascara that feature fibres as they tend to look cheap and gross but! this one is really good. It enhances the volume of my lashes extremely, it's a beautiful intense black and lasts all day. The fibres are not really visible when applied but you can really make out the difference. I will use this one for ma more dramatic looks and stick with the original waterproof lashes to kill mascara for my daily work make up.

#3 Lips:
Essence Hugs&Kisses TE lip tint (01 Sugar Baby Love)
I'm in love with lip tints! I bought one from Catrice about a month ago and if I hadn't bought this one yesterday the catrice one would be in it's place. You can layer them, put a gloss on top or even use them as a blush. I like this one for it's bright pink colour. When you apply just a thin coat it gives that lovely fresh pink of a young girls lips and if you layer it it turns to a reaaaaally bright pink. I haven't really been a big fan of pink lips until last summer when I bought the matte lipstick fom IQ in star which is also a bright pink. I love how they work so well with my black hair and pale complexion.

#4 Body:
LOOK by Bipa Nailcare Oil
I started using this already years ago when my nailbeds were really dry and hurt all the time. I love using it during the winter, when the air is dry and my hands tend to dry out. Now that I have gel nails I'm using it regularly to make my nailbeds soft and just for random nailcare. This is my favourite for this season because I used it on my moms hands about a week ago because her nailbeds were in a really, really bad condition. I polished her nails and massaged a bit of the oil into her fingertips and you wouldn't believe how beautiful and young her hands immediately looked. She is now using it regularly and her nailbeds are getting better and better and I guess this will also have a great influence on her nails. (You might think that this would have belonged into the naisl category but as it is more about the skin than the nails themselves I decided to put it into the body category)

#5 Hair:
The Bodyshop Rainforest Radiance Hairbutter
I got this just a few days ago but after using it for the first time I already feel a real difference in my hair and you can see a subtle new shine. I will continue to use it and report to you whether the positive effect it is having on my hair will stay.

So this is it for today! I hope that I'll be able to post again this weekend otherwise I'll see you all next week!

Love, M.

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