Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

Another Sunday

Hi sweeties <3

Long time no post again. I'm really sorry to keep you all waiting so long.

On friday my younger sister had her prom and we were really busy getting everything ready. Last minute we decided to get fake fur stoles which I sew myself and to wear finger waves instead of the braided hairstyles we had initially planned. I had to work on friday and when I finally came home I had to do her hair and my hair too und tidy up a bit as we made one hell of a mess out of our bath as we were getting ready. My best friend Christini (I know she's gonna hit me hard for writing this <3) came over to my place around half past six and we had a bit of a drink before going to the ball.
She looked so gorgeous!

We've been drinking and having fun together with my sister and one of our friends. My stepuncle and his fiancee also came and even my sister's elementary school teacher and her husband attended the ball!

All of the students from my sister's year had prepared a little dance show for the opening which was simply said amazing to watch. At least that's what I though until I saw the show they did when it turned midnight! Well not everyone did their choreography perfectly well but they all had fun and everyone was really delighted.

Me and my best friend went home around half past two as were getting old and need some sleep to look good xD
So in the morning I got up really early and fixed my sisters hair again so we could take some proper pics of her ballgown and stuff and here are the results!

Well and as we were outside anyways we also took some pics of me :D

Well that's it so far! I decided to get back on tumblr again so maybe you'll want to check that out too!

Hoe to see you soon!

Love, M.

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