Dienstag, 30. August 2011

This may get the most senseless spent day in all of my summer vacation Q.Q

I ordered a pair of new Sneakers last week and they should arrive today so I'm not sure whether I should got to University today or tomorrow to inscribe for another degree program... It's only open today and tomorrow but I really don't feel like going out today @.@

Also I have bought a Ticket for the upcoming Convention for a friend and still have to bring it to her place~ but I could also do that in the evening~

I hate my current life... wake up - eat - study - cook - eat - study some more - eat - relax a little bit - learn - go to bed

So whenever I'm not studying I try to not think about university and just try new hair-dos and makeupstyles~

And also I finally received my new wig last week and finally can do a review in a few days. So far Ican say that its the most voluminous wig I ever had and I really wish my hair would be that awesome q.q

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