Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

shoppingraid #1

So I shopped a lot these last days I'll show only a part of what I bought because most of the things are not here yet because I ordered them from overseas ^_^

I've been to Vienna on Wednesday and I had so much fun on my own~ first I visited my exboyfriend to get my stuff and additionally a "new" example of the "Gothic&Lolita Bible Boudoir" I absolutely love it and can't wait to sew the AP Sailor-Lolita dressfor myself. Then I wanted to go to the city but I forgot to leave the Subway and had to go back all the way which took my almost an hour so I had to hurry up. Which means a quick stop at Nippon-Ya (hatcho misopaste, Dashi Kombu and a absolutely tasty shiso kombu onigiri) a much more quick stop at the Naschmarkt (fresh shiitake and baby-melanzane)and finally a little longer stop at Nakwon (5kg rice, my favorite flavouring ans two bottles of beer). Originally I just wanted to get some misopaste and the rice but as always I buy way more things than I really need.

G&L Bible Boudoir


I had to try the Kirin because everybody told me that it's the best but fuck no it tastes awful I'll stick with sapporo and asahi they are way better! to the left and right you can see my favourite stuff when it comes to adding spice to your meals<3 the right one was a "gift" from my ex he didn't like it because it has some yuzu flavour added but I think it'S perfect if you add it to scrambled egg or grilled pork.

On monday I had the last exam for this month so I've been to Linz all day and there I bought the fifth volume of Black Butler which really confused me because this is the part where the manga starts to differ completely from the anime. But even though I liked it a lot because Soma is on like every second page andheismy absolute favorite character next to Ran Mao. I also bought the february volume of the Mook "Datum" it's a very nice mook about culture, politics, economics and art. It's completely different than anything I ever bought before but I really love the layout and the way they present their stories. The main story of this volume is about prisons in Austria and I was really fascinated by what I read.

Next thing on my list: The Super+ BB cream by Skin79 out of the VIP Gold Collection. It is not only hiding most of my skin problems like dark shadows under my eyes and red cheeks and stuff, but it also is rehydrating, withening, has an anti-wrinkle agent and SPF 25. It smells absolutely neutral and the color fits my skin perfectly.

and last but not least my mom got me a new absolutely cute lamp. It looks like doraemon and it is the brightest lamp I ever had<3

Love M

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  1. ich wusste garnicht, dass du auch einen blog hast :<

    *follow* xD

    aber ehrlich gesagt find ich die schrift voll schwer lesbar ;w;" *in editor kopiert um zu lesen* |'D

    wegen der BB cream... würde es dir was ausmachen die am sonntag mitzunehmen? XDD mich würd voll interessieren wie die farbe is *w* (habe angst online make up zu bestellen, weil ich den farben nicht ganz traue X'D)

    jedenfalls danke für dein comment <3 ich finde den auch zu genial *___*