Mittwoch, 31. August 2011

Outfits for Aninite 2011

Hey beauties <3

So the biggest Austrian con , Aninite, is approaching pretty fast and I thought I know what to wear but in fact I don't know whether I will get my new Angelic Pretty skirt on friday or saturday q.q I wanted to wear it on saturday, but I feel really uncomfortable with not knowing whether I will getit in time or not, so I have to find a new outfit for saturday.

Additionally I still have to find my obi, because I want to wear my yukata on sunday. I searched all of my closet but I guess it's not in there XD Well I grasped the chance and got rid of a lot of old clothes that I wouldn't wear anyways.

So all in all the only outfit I have for sure: an OTT Sweet Lolita Outfit in mint with my gorgeous new Wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs.

Here's a pic of the coord as I've worn it at the last Lolita Meet-up (worn with my black wig).

Hope to see you at the Aninite :3
Love, M.

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