Dienstag, 30. August 2011

My favourite drink for chilly summer days <3

Last week I tried a new instant drink I 've found in one of my favourite asia shops in vienna (which actually is Lilly market on the lower side of the Naschmarkt). Bubble milk tea!
I was really nit expecting it to taste that awesome bit it does!
It's from XiangPiaoPiao and available in four flavours: original (light brown package), green tea (green package), chocolate (red package) and I think.it was yams (pink package).
I prefer green tea and chocolate because they are just a little bit more yummy.

One cup costs 1.10 € which I think is quite okay. Every cup contains one package of milktea powder anf one package of those super jelly tapioca pearls and also a stretchable straw that's thick enough to get the pearls through. 
All you have to do is pour in water thats hotter than 85°C stir it, wait for a few minutes to let it cool down and enjoy!

Hope you will like this stuff too. <3
Love, M.

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